ARC Review: A SPOONFUL OF SPYING by Sarah Todd Taylor (Middle Grade Monday)

I received an eARC from the publishers through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. It has not affected my opinions.

Title in orange on blurred image of a girl and a cat in a red plane
Genre: Thriller
Age Range: MG
Star Rating:
Series: yes - second book



Baker by day, spy by night – Alice Éclair leads an exciting double life!

Inventors and artists from all nations have gathered in Paris for the World Fair. All eyes are on the airplane exhibition – these incredible machines will take humanity to new heights! Alice suspects that some of these inventors are in terrible danger, but no one will believe her. Surrounded by enemy spies, Alice will need to use every trick in the recipe book if she’s to keep her friends safe and stop France’s greatest invention from falling into the wrong hands.

With a half-baked plan and a dash of daring, Alice must foil the enemy’s plot before the whole thing boils over…

Blurb taken from Goodreads. Add to your shelves here.


A SPOONFUL OF SPYING is Alice’s second adventure. She’s a proper spy this time, part of an existing network and has official missions with them. It was nice to have her in a team, rather than on her own. Yes, she’s dealing with being looked down on for being a child by some of them, but it means she can call on back up, intel from others, and have someone to talk things over with.

The world fair is such a great setting – so many people coming in and out, so many inventions on display. There is plenty of chance for spies to pass notes or gather secrets from the new machines. Plus there’s all the rivalry over the fashion shows, which means this book has a mix of yummy food, beautiful dressing, and thrilling planes.

I loved the inclusion of the planes, and the fact it meant there were a few aerial scenes (including a chase!) I’m a physicist so anything with STEM is a big draw for me, and planes are great examples of engineering (and the fact that the main engineer we spend time with is a girl! Please more girls in STEM in books!))

It is never quite said who is after the new plane information, but it’s guessable from some historical knowledge. The absence of that fact lets the book focus on the adventure side of the spying more, the hunt for clues and the uncertainty of who the investigation should focus on.

This is turning into a great UKMG series and I look forward to more instalments.

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