#UKYASpotlight in white on red and black blurred book spines above organisers' twitter and instagram handles

#UKYASpotlight is a month-long celebration of UKYA books run by two British book nerds, Beth (twitter | instagram) and Sifa (twitter | instagram). It runs for the entirety of September across twitter and instagram.

Why #UKYASpotlight?

#UKYASpotlight started in 2020, the brainchild of English teacher and avid reader Beth. Annoyed that the teens she taught were always reading the same five books – the majority of which were American – she decided to highlight UKYA books on her Instagram account. She recruited her friends to the cause, especially book blogger and planner-aficionado Sifa, to help boost the profile of UKYA stories that don’t get the same marketing or social media exposure as their American counterparts.

#UKYASpotlight will be back in September 2023! Please keep an eye on this page and Sifa and Beth’s social media to find out more details as they are announced!

Where can I find out about UKYA books?

The wonderful UKYABooks (twitter | instagram) is run by UKYA authors all about UKYA books – definitely check out their feeds. Also check out the #UKYA tag on social media and on Sifa’s book blog.

I’m an author/publicist/etc and I want to know more about #UKYASpotlight

Wonderful! The more the merrier and we’d love to get in contact with you to help make this celebration bigger and bolder to reach more readers!

Please contact Sifa through her email sifaelizabethpoulton [at] gmail [dot] com to be sent more details on what exactly is involved in the event and ways you can participate.