A Blogger’s Perspective: Blogging Advice

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I have been blogging since 2018, and would not have got this far without so many people being willing to give me advice. It feels like time to give that back.

Everything is based on my own experiences, what has and hasn’t worked. None of this should be taken as prescriptive advice, just the result of a lot of experiments and mistakes.

As well as blogging advice, I’ve also written some for indie authors who are interested in working with bloggers for promotion. I’m not an indie author myself, so these posts don’t cover general marketing as I have no clue about that. Instead, these posts focus on working partnerships with bloggers.

For Bloggers:

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Review policies are one of the most important things for a reviewer to have on their blog, but what to include can be less easy to work out.

Read the post here.

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Trying to work out how to read books early through ARCs, digital and physical, can be a bit intimidating, but I’ve broken down how I go about it.

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For Authors:

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Reaching out to bloggers to see if they would like to review your book can be nerve-wracking, so I’ve broken down what I think makes a good request.

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