Book Review: CAMBION’S LAW by Erin Fulmer

Title in white on image of winger gilr holding a gun
Genre: Paranormal Fantasy
Age Range: Adult
Star Rating: 4 stars
Series: book 1


Book cover for CAMBION'S LAW: title in silver on dark purple image of winger girl holding a gun at night

Lawyer. Demon. Lily Knight is both—half-human, half-succubus, and utterly dangerous.

Lily protects her secret and the safety of those around her by abstaining from the skin-to-skin contact that would grant her superhuman powers. An ambitious criminal prosecutor, she’s all work and no play, determined to prove herself in the courtroom to atone for the ex-lovers she’s left for dead in her past.

But after a fellow succubus turns up murdered and the police arrest an innocent man, Lily discovers evidence of a supernatural killer stalking the foggy San Francisco streets. And when human justice falls short, she launches an unsanctioned investigation to find the real culprit.

To stop the killer, she must embrace the full power of her heritage and risk the soul of the handsome suspect she can’t help but fall for. Can Lily face her true nature without losing her humanity—or will she become the monster she fears most of all?

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CAMBION’S LAW is a fun paranormal mystery romance about a half-human, half-succubus cambion trying to avoid using her succubus powers who is drawn into the mystery of who is killing succubi in the city.

To complicate matters, Lily is a District Attorney, and so getting tangled with the suspect of a case her office are prosecuting (and she’s leading!) is probably not the best idea. It was a nice way of compromising whatever evidence she turned up, making it even harder for her to find the truth and ensure justice happened.

As you’d hope with a mystery, there is a web of lies within the book and it is hard to tell who can be trusted as everyone has their own secrets. There’s the journalist who wants to reveal her succubi nature, there’s the way too smooth ex from her path, and then whoever the man she fought in the mask who’s turned up one time too many. The love interest in just plain nice, no dark shady side from him!

Lily is, to the reader, very open. She is also quite open with those she trusts too, once you’ve got her trust. Not only was it nice for her to have people who know her secret and still are there for her, it was refreshing (personally) to have a narrator who wasn’t unreliable (a lot of the mysteries I’ve read lately did have that, so it was nice to feel like I could trust Lily and not have that snatched away!)

I really liked how much this book discussed consent (to be fair, I was probably more aware of it than I normally would have been as I read this book on the day that I completed my uni’s compulsory consent module.) The boundaries of what people are willing to do is discussed and it was just such a nice, healthy way of talking about it. It’s obviously a heightened topic in a book with a main character who can manipulate emotions.

There is a second book out in the series, which has a teaser of a plot in the epilogue, and I’ll pick that up soon.

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