Book Review: THE MIDNIGHT GAME by Cynthia Murphy

I received a review copy from the publishers in exchange for an honest review. It has not affected my opinions.

Title in white on black next to candle
Genre: Thriller
Age Range: YA
Star Rating: 4 stars
Series: standalone


Book cover for THE MIDNIGHT GAME: title in white on black above a candle with a

Rules of The Midnight Game: Do not turn on the lights. Do not go to sleep. Do not leave the building.

When a group who have met on a creepy Deddit thread decide to meet in real life, they only have one plan in mind: they are going to summon the Midnight Man. And once you start the Midnight Game, you must finish it – there’s no other way out! Six strangers. One night. But how many survivors? 

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THE MIDNIGHT GAME is a spooky tale about six strangers on the internet meeting up to play a game that, legend says, will bring a demon to haunt you. But not all the players are there for innocent reasons.

I absolutely flew through this in the evening (around various family board games.) Once again, I stupidly started this late and it’s really creepy! (I have a much lighter book ready to read once this review is written so I can sleep!)

This story mixes both a very human thriller of not knowing who can be trusted and a paranormal scare of the midnight man stalking the shadows. It’s a nice mix, so you can bring your own level of scepticism or belief and still have a threat that you can believe in, a way to rationalise what’s happening so you don’t feel broken out of the story by what you might or might not believe.

This is a multi-media book, with “deddit” threads, DMs, texts, and online articles between each chapter. I love multi-media books a lot, the fun that can be had with different mediums of storytelling in print form. In this book, the multi-media slowly unpeels the mystery of what happened during a previous (fatal) game and how it ties into the game playing out in “real time.”

I loved the game descriptions – apparently they’re all real (and all “nope, never playing, why would anyone?”) and written in a very funny way. They were nice moments of levity among a very creepy book, which definitely helped at times!

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