Book Review: THE MUMMY’S CURSE by M. A. Bennett (Middle Grade Monday)

Title in white on orange graphic of a bird in front of a pyramid and a jackal
Genre: Historical Fantasy
Age Range: MG
Star Rating: 4 stars
Series: book 2



Book cover for THE MUMMY'S CURSE: title in white on a sundial on orange with children, a sarcophagus, a pyramind and gears around it

Luna, Konstantin and Aidan travel to Egypt’s Valley of the Kings in 1922 where an Egyptologist called Harold Carter is about to discover Tutankhamun’s tomb. The time thieves have twenty-four hours to find out where Carter plans to dig in order to get to Tutankhamun’s mummy first.

But they find themselves grappling with the uncertainty of a world poised between two world wars and all the while a curse that they created seems to be taking on a life of its own…

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The second entry in the Butterfly Club series, THE MUMMY’S CURSE sees the time travelling trio head forward in time to the excavation of Tutankhamun’s tomb in an attempt to find its location so it can be excavated in their time period in order for the time travelling club to benefit financially.

The book uses this to explore the exploitation of archaeology by Western European countries and the colonial laws used to enforce it. By setting out on the quest for money and then reinforcing it with the attitudes of the parties at the dig, the book is a really nice way of starting that discussion with children.

I feel like lots of kids go through an Egyptology phase at some point (I definitely did!) so it was just fun to return to that, but see it based around the archaeology side, the wonder of discovery mixed with puzzles and heisting that are movie staples. It’s a really great blend and makes for an exciting read. Plus the way real events have been incorporated into the curse was very neat.

There are also more hints about some sort of reckoning/attack on the club to come, as the cryptic message from the previous book is explained a bit. Given how close the Victorian parts of the two books have been, and how close the mysterious date is, it looks like it might come to a head in a book soon. The next entry involves the Mona Lisa and is out in the spring!

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