Book Review: THE FABRIC OF CHAOS by Helen Scheuerer

Title in white on blurred image of a crossbow
Genre: Fantasy
Age Range: YA
Star Rating: 4 stars
Series: book 3



Title in white on dark brown image of plants and keys and a crossbow

An almighty power. A deadly choice. Will she come undone when chaos reigns?

After facing heart-breaking betrayals and jaw-dropping revelations in Akoris, Roh must steel herself once more and continue her quest to win the cyren throne.

But with poison lingering in her body and a new, unpredictable companion at her side, the trek to the mysterious territory of Csilla becomes all the more perilous. Dangerous schemes are afoot – ones that threaten not only the homeland Roh intends to rule, but all of cyrenkind.

As her journey stretches across the realm, Roh must navigate the dark web of her own ambition and master her newfound magic.

Will she triumph against the trials ahead – or sow the seeds of her own destruction?

Blurb taken from Goodreads. Add to your shelves here.


In THE FABRIC OF CHAOS, Roh has united her group of companions into a team that work together and like each other, but there are still plenty of enemies out there who want to destroy them.

The question is now not whether Harlyn, Finn, Ysra, Odi, and Deodan will support her, but what changes she wants to make (and whether she’s willing to make the enemies that will create.) It’s a moral dilemma that forces her to face her privilege and see what the wrongs are that she might be able to right.

We travel to a new cyren territory, one that is a (welcome) change from the previous. It is in that environment that Roh finally has a chance to sit and dream and gain confidence, seeing what a cyrne society could be like. The section (and location) gives another reason to root for Roh to win, but also depends the reader’s understanding of the Terror Tempests, more hints that they are going to be an issue in the final book.

The book starts off with a “travel” section which I really enjoyed. It made it feel more “quest-like” to see them on an extended, difficult trip through unfamiliar lands – deadly lands. The pass was horrible, and then they get through and have to do a terrifying zip line?! (I am terrified of heights too, so it felt like insult to injury that they had to do that after a pass that was trying to kill them!)

THE FABRIC OF CHAOS is Scheuerer’s most romantic book to date. It’s still very much a minor subplot, but there are some feelings and sparks etc.

One book left to go in this quartet!

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