Book Review: THE VOYAGE OF THE FORGOTTEN by Nick Martell

I received a review copy from the publishers in exchange for an honest review. It has not affected my opinions.

Title in black on white next to black drawing of two people looking at a stature with blue spatter
Genre: Fantasy
Age Range: Adult
Star Rating: 4 stars
Series: yes - final book of trilogy



Book cover for THE VOYAGE OF THE FORGOTTEN: title in black on white above a black and white sketch of two people looking a statue with blue spatter

Michael Kingman has discovered his destiny, but the distance to what he wants, namely a life with Serena, the queen of Hollow kingdom, is as wide as the world, and just as cruel.

Meanwhile, Dark, the realm’s most fearsome mercenary, Michael’s sometime mentor, and son of his nemesis, Angelo, is trying to keep Michael in line, for his own purposes as he too has a hidden agenda. Michael comes to realize that he is outclassed by powers that have been working for centuries to bring about a fresh end to the world filled with those he loves. But when has merely being overpowered ever stopped Michael from getting what he wants?

To prevent what may bring about the end times Michael must gather his remaining allies and push himself to achieve the impossible because the alternative is worse than he can imagine: it’s not just the beginning of the end of the world, it’s being alone and forgotten.

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THE VOYAGE OF THE FORGOTTEN is a book that takes Michael’s reckless determination to do what he thinks is best to achieve his goals (and his run of good luck) and turns it up a notch. It’s an action-filled book full of secrets revealed and mad plans.

Almost all of the mysteries are resolved or explained in a way that makes sense why they wouldn’t be solved in world. There’s a lot of forgotten and hidden truths to shift through. A major secret of Michael’s is revealed (complete with a fourth wall break) that makes a lot of sense of how he manages to get out of a lot of scrapes.

Unlike the previous two books, this one is not set in Hollow, but in the world beyond. It was nice to see further (and thus makes more sense to get some of the mysteries answered rather than one city containing all the solutions!) There are a lot of locations in this book, from devastated islands to coastal cities and stone titans-cum-land. As you might have guessed from this descriptions, this is a book that revolves around water in many ways.

This is an interesting series ending. On the one hand, the majority of the major goals are achieved (some are not, in a way that feels realistic to the world) and the mysteries are answered more or less. However, if it wasn’t for the press release with the copy saying “finale to the trilogy”, I would have been convinced that there was another book as the ending leaves with the feeling that there are more stories to tell.

It’s an ending I think I’ll have to sit with for a while to work out my thoughts on. I do like it when it feels like the world and characters exist beyond the scope of the story. But I do also feel like there was a fair bit left unresolved and the epilogue is the main thing that does this! If it had ended on the final chapter, then I think I would have come down a lot more firmly on the “good series ender that surprises the reader while staying true to the world” side. However, that epilogue felt like it undid a fair bit of that sense of resolution, as if setting up another book with more mysteries and tugging on as many loose threads as possible.

Maybe the author is leaving the door open for another book? Or perhaps they wanted a less traditional ending. Either way, and regardless of what I end up deciding about the ending, I think an ending that leaves you thinking and turning it over is no bad thing.

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