Book review: DON’T TOUCH THAT Anthology

Title in white of purple drawing of an adult and child fighting a dragon
Genre: Fantasy and Sci Fi
Age Range: Adult
Star Rating: 4.5 stars
Series: standalone


Book cover for DON'T TOUCH THAT: title in white on faded image of an adult and child fighting a dragon above list of authors

Parenting is often referred to as life’s greatest adventure — but what happens when parenting happens during adventures across time, space, and magic?

While popular stories have often included parents in their plots, few are actually about the act of parenting: the joy, the grief, the anxiety, and the love that comes hand in hand with the moment-to-moment challenges of raising a child…until now.

Don’t Touch That! is an anthology of stories about parents and parenting, from what to do when a wizard convinces your child to go on adventure, to the particular grief of your adult child choosing to set sail on a colony-ship, to the ways parenting intrudes even when you’re summoning demons, and much more.

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DON’T TOUCH THAT is my fourth of fifth anthology read this year (I think) and it’s probably my favourite. From the epic to the slice of life, from meetings in schools to keeping secret identities and home life separate, to examinations of privilege, racism, and the expectations placed on women, from joy to grief, there is so much variety in this anthology.

It’s funny and heart-warming and sad and thought-provoking. There are all sorts of families presented, but every tale is about another facet of the relationship between a child and an adult who loves them. All while having adventures (or nightmares!) against magic and monsters and capitalism.

There’s a richness of world imagined too. There are fantasy worlds where heroes are trained in schools or old men come and take children away to be heroes. There is the vastness of space beyond spaceship bulkheads. There are dystopia (but increasingly probabilistic feeling) visions of the future. There are contemporary lives with supernatural undertones.

And on top of all this danger, all these wonders, the adults have to protect their children, learn when to let them grow and stand on their own two feet, navigate tricky relationships, and find a way to be both parent and individual. But, at the end of the day, no matter how pressing a topic each story has tackled, they are ultimately heart-warming tales of how far parents are willing to go for their children.

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