Book Tag: Cosy Autumn

Title in white on book pages

It is still technically Autumn until the end of this month (or even mid December, depending on how you count) so just about managing to get this one completed on time!

This tag was created The Book Belle and I was tagged by Kerry (Herding Cats).

What book always reminds you of Autumn?

For me, this is more about the sort of books I read at this time of year rather than the sense evoked by the book itself. Unsurprisingly, in Autumn, I’m reading a lot of spooky/atmospheric Middle Grade (that being about the level of creepy I’m willing to read!) both because they’re being published to hit the spooky season and because you read spooky books in spooky season. Two series in particular that tend to have their releases around autumn (and that I love) are MALAMANDER, by Thomas Taylor, and THE BEAST AND THE BETHANY, by Jack Meggitt-Phillips.

What is your favourite autumnal book cover?

Book cover for BRIGHT RAVEN SKIES: title in white above a girl in a dress looking over the sea with an orange sky

This was a surprisingly hard question to answer! I started off with “do I have any books set in autumn and that might have a cover like that?” (Answer – probably not as those sorts of book covers tend to be on contemporary/romance stuff and I don’t really read that.) From there, I wandered into the slightly more philosophical “what is autumnal?”

Eventually I settled on “pick an orange colour, bonus points for a tragedy” (falling leaves and shortening days are perfect for reading tragedies in my opinion.” Thus my pick is BRIGHT RAVEN SKIES, by Kristina Perez. This is the finale to the SWEET BLACK WAVES trilogy, a YA fantasy based on the medieval romantic tragedy of Tristan and Iseult, so fits both criteria well. (Plus the series is amazing and I highly, high recommend it!)

What is your favourite autumnal drink to read with?

This one, admittedly, does not change with season. The answer is always hot chocolate (because that, hot water, and hot squash are the only hot drinks I have.)

Do you prefer to read late at night or early in the morning?

I tend to do most of my reading late at night before bed. I’m not sure if that’s because I prefer to do it then, or just because that’s when I have the time, but it’s when I read best because that’s when I’m used to doing it.

Halloween is [past]; what’s your favourite spooky read?

Book cover for HIDE: title in red on yellow above black ferris wheel floating on black roots

This question was actually supposed to be “Halloween is coming” – so that tells you when the tag was supposed to be answered, but hey ho. Also, answering afterwards means I can look back over the spooky books I read this year and pick a favourite from them.

HIDE, by Kiersten White, is her adult debut and I loved this horror story. Fourteen people are selected for a pilot run of a hide and seek challenge and brought to an abandoned theme park. The rules are simple – every day, two people will be caught out and the last one standing wins enough money to change their lives. Except there are strange sounds and the losers vanish, sometimes leaving blood behind…

What is your ultimate comfort read?

This one is an odd one, for me at least. I’m aroacespec, so I’m really not that interested in romance as a rule. It just isn’t something I can relate to, and so the goals and stakes usually don’t have much real personal significance. However, when I am sick, I do tend to reach for more romantic sff books – and that’s highly evident looking back over the books I’ve read across various illnesses in the past two years.

I think it’s because romance has predictable main beats (meeting, falling in love, rough patches, them ultimately getting together), so I can read it without needing as much brain power, and that’s comforting to me when ill. This is not to say that romance is simplistic (romance is the most overlooked and scorned genre, which overlooks the complexity of relationships involved.) No, it is to say that there is a level of plot that I can follow and get a decent experience when ill and not able to dive into the complexities.

Some of my favourites are: THE BRIDGE KINGDOM, by Danielle L. Jensen, WINTER’S ORBIT, by Everina Maxwell, and A MARVELLOUS LIGHT, by Freya Marske.

What is your favourite autumnal reading snack?

Like drink, this one is true all year round: chocolate. I have a sweet tooth and chocolate is my favourite sweet thing.

What is your favourite autumnal candle to burn?

I’m not a big fan of candles. Aside from a completely irrational childhood fear of fire that I have no idea how it developed (but I am slowly getting over), I find they can be a bit overpowering scent wise. The times I use candles are power cuts and when I’ve cooked something a bit pungent in the kitchen and want to combat the smell.

When you are not reading, what’s your favourite autumnal activity?

This is slightly biased as it’s November, but this month is NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month). I do write/edit all year around and I don’t actually aim for a “full NaNo” (50k written in a month) because I know I can rarely do that, but I love the community of NaNo.

What’s on your autumn reading list?

I actually have a full TBR I made at the start of the season here. I have read exactly three of the ten titles (A RESTLESS TRUTH, THE THURSDAY MURDER CLUB, and THE GRIEF OF STONES.) I will certainly read at least another two (A CONSUMING FIRE and LOKI) by the end of the month, and possibly another two more (TOGETHER WE BURN and THE DROWNED CITY) but, as ever, life and other blogging commitments took over, so oops.

I tag Raina (Enthralled by Love) and anyone who wants to take part.

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