Book Review: BATTLE OF THE BEAST by Jack Meggitt-Phillips (Middle Grade Monday)

Genre: Fantasy
Age Range: MG
Star Rating: 4 stars
Series: yes - book 3



Book cover for BATTLE OF THE BEAST: title in white on black above a girl in a mouth with a tongue around her

After controlling Ebenezer Tweezer for 511 years and trying to eat Bethany twice, the beast is safely locked up . . . for about five minutes. Soon the world’s most despicable creature is out of its cage and back in Ebenezer’s attic.

But there’s something different about the beast now – it’s calling everyone its bestie and vomiting up lovely gifts for the neighbours.

In the most disturbing turn of events yet, has the beast turned . . . nice?

Blurb taken from back of copy. Add to your Goodreads shelves here.


The beast is back! And it’s nice? That can’t be right, can it? But it looks like it might be and now Bethany and Ebenezer have to deal with that.

I love the premise of BATTLE OF THE BEAST – what happens when someone who has wronged you seems to have a change of heart? Can you accept that? Do you try to prove it cannot be true? Make the most of it? Bethany and Ebenezer react differently, neither of which are the healthiest approach.

I really liked that they had to take responsibility for the trouble that caused. I have seen too much media where the heroes cause the problems but the villain takes the blame but that does not happen here. It means they both have to grow so much more by acknowledging their mistakes before they can fix them.

The book is as quirky and as much fun as the others, and hearing the beast speak in baby-talk is very amusing. Definitely a series to pick you up when you’re feeling down!

You get a sense that this is the end of one arc of the series, with certain major milestones and events being reached. There are more books coming (yay!) but the little teaser at the end of this book hints that the new arc will have a different central thread (and it looks exciting!)

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