Top Ten Tuesday: Autumn TBR

Top Ten Tuesday is a fun weekly meme, hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl. Everyone is welcome to join in the fun.

As we head towards October, it’s time to think about the books I want to read next. Some of these have features before, but others have not. My guiding principle for this TBR is to reduce my pile of review copies as drastically as I can in the coming months as I’ve had a very hectic few months that have impacted my reading.

1. JADE LEGACY, by Fonda Lee

Book cover for JADE LEGACY: title in blue above a lake

Oh look, JADE LEGACY makes it onto yet another TBR list, almost a year after it was released…

It’s really long (as are the other books I’ll need to re-read to recall what happened), it’s been in storage for three months while I moved, it’s intimidating because of how much it’s going to hurt (given how much emotional turmoil JADE CITY and JADE WAR put me through and that I’ll go through that again with this as the finale.) I do really want to read it, and I am going to, finally (she says, again.) I mean, this is getting ridiculous…

2. GODS AND MONSTERS, by Shelby Mahurin

Book cover for GODS AND MONSTERS: title in silver on gold details on silver background

Another “been here a while, hey?” book, GODS AND MONSTERS came out a little but before JADE LEGACY (if I’m remembering right.) And I also never got around to reading it.

This is the finale to the SERPENT AND DOVE trilogy, a YA fantasy romance (part of the reason it’s taking me so long to finish it) that’s not quite as thick as JADE CITY but it’s close (and the hardback makes it look thicker!) The one helpful thing that might mean I get around to this sooner rather than later is that if I read it, I can then get rid of it and free shelf space!


Book cover for THE THURSDAY MURDER CLUB: title in red and black on cream with red border

I have been stacking up popular murder mysteries for about the past year, and never quite got around to them even though I’ve clearly been wanting to read them! I am very much hoping (based on the covers and popularity) that they are closer to “cosy” mysteries than gritty!

The most famous of these is THE THURSDAY MURDER CLUB, which I’ve taken so long to get around to that it now has two sequels out at least. I suppose that means I have the chance to binge the series if I really like it!

4. THE GODBREAKER, by Mike Brooks

Book cover for THE GOODBREAKER: title in grey on blue tower rising in yellow sky

Hmm, another chunky Orbit book on this list? THE GODBREAKER is the final book in the God-King trilogy that began with THE BLACK COAST. The title juxtaposes nicely with the trilogy title, and means I have quite a few theories…

While it is chunky, that wasn’t the reason I didn’t get around to this. It arrived just as I had covid and was trying to pack up and leave university. I’d seen how busy my summer review schedule already was, so put it in storage as I figured (rightly) I wouldn’t have time to read it.

5. TOGEHTER WE BURN, by Isabel Ibañez

Book cover for TOGETHER WE BURN: title in black on cream with red dragon and smoke and danger

Hopefully this latest book by Isabel Ibañez doesn’t take me as long to get around to as her second book, WRITTEN IN STARLIGHT. TOGETHER WE BURN is a standalone that’s only just come out, so I do have plenty of time before it lingers for London, but let’s aim not to, hey?

I’ll be honest, this book is more of an auto-onto-the-TBR because of the author than because of the book – mostly because I cannot remember what the premise is. I think there are dragons and flamenco dancers in involved?

6. THE GRIEF OF STONES, by Katherine Addison

Book cover for THE GRIEF OF STONES: title in white on black with green and white geometric decorations around it

THE GRIEF OF STONES is the latest instalment in the world of THE GOBLIN EMPEROR, a direct sequel to the second book, THE WITNESS FOR THE DEAD. I am so excited for this book so it will probably be read pretty soon!

I love the quietness of this fantasy series. It’s not a high action, high magic stab-fight, but instead a much more introspective series. It’s about people trying to fit into roles and places that don’t yet feel right and need a way to make them fit, finding themselves and new people to be with.

7. THE DROWNED CITY, by K. J. Maitland

Book cover for THE DROWNED CITY a line-drawing esque graphic of a columned passage with waves in it

THE DROWNED CITY is a historical mystery set in Stuart England. Set in the wake of the foiled gunpower plot, it focuses on the suspicions over Catholic plots to depose the current Protestant monarch that makes anyone not complying to the state religion under heavy suspicion.

I love history and mysteries make for addictive reads, so hopefully it makes for a great read (and maybe a way to get into all the other mysteries I’ve been stacking up!) It sounds like there could be lots of suspicions and unease packed into this book.

8. A RESTLESS TRUTH, by Freya Markse

Book cover for A RESTLESS TRUTH: title in gold on turquoise with shilloutette of two women in yellow

A RESTLESS TRUTH is the companion/sequel to A MARVELLOUS LIGHT, a queer Edwardian historical fantasy which was one of my favourite reads of 2021.

I am so excited for another entry in this world, this time a sapphic adventure set aboard a cruise ship following the irrepressible sister of one of the first book’s narrators (I was very glad to find out Maud was going to be a POV in this book!) I have an ARC of this book (which publishes in November) and so am really hoping my burn out eases soon so that I can read it.

9. LOKI, by Melvin Burgess

This one doesn’t seem to have a UK cover yet, but LOKI is, as the name suggests, a retelling of the Norse mythology around the well-loved god of mischief (among other things!) I really liked THE WITCH’S HEART‘s take on him, so it’ll be nice to see another take that hopefully also delves into the less commonly talked about aspects of his mythos (aka the “weird” stuff that the MCU can’t neatly package up!)

10. A CONSUMING FIRE, by Laura E. Weymouth

A CONSUMING FIRE is a Laura E. Weymouth book, which feels like all I need to say about why I’m excited for this YA standalone (like A RESTLESS TRUTH, it’s in the same “have an ARC but burnt out” situation.)

It’s set in an alternative Dark Ages Britain and explores how much religion, particularly Christianity, can (and is) twisted to control people, completely ignoring the central message to instead subjugate people (particularly women) and I am so eager for this vicious take down of perverted faith.

What books are on your Autumn TBR?


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