ARC Review: DRAGON DESTINY by Kevin and Katie Tsang (Middle Grade Monday)

I received an eARC from the publishers through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. It has not affected my opinions.

Title in black on blurred image of a blue dragon
Genre: Fantasy
Age Range: MG
Star Rating:
Series: yes - book five



Book cover for DRAGON DESTINY: title in blye above icy white image of dragons flying

All eyes are on Billy and his friends after the Dragon Realm collapses and is exposed to the Human Realm.

In their search for a new home for the dragon population, they learn of the Hidden Realm, a secret so well guarded that only one dragon knows how to locate it . . . Glorious Old. But convincing her to trust them comes with its own problems, not to mention the introduction of an evil new baddie and their band of human-hating dragons.

With trouble round every corner, what destiny is in store for Billy and the group?

Blurb taken from NetGalley. Add it your Gopodreads shelves here.


The final book of the first series of Dragon Realm! (Yes, there are going to be more books!!!! But this is the end of our time with Billy and the gang, noooo) I just love these books – they are a bright spark of colourful fun, a lovely treat to gulp down on a grey afternoon, and DRAGON DESTINY was no different.

The Dragon Realm continues its slow (but dangerous) collapse into the human realm, and now humans and dragons have to learn to live with one another (and deal with things falling from the sky, like mountains…) Unfortunately, not everyone wants to live together – and humans and dragons are trying to control the situation and each other.

That situation felt sadly realistic, but I loved the hope of the children and their dragons trying to work together against all the fear and prejudice and old grudges held by others, and working right in the face of the governments saying they knew best. (Spoiler alert: they really don’t.)

We also see the children off on another quest – this time to find a new home for the dragons to ease tensions. Which means finding the first dragon ever to be betrayed by humans, and hoping she’ll be amenable to helping. We get to see some very cool new locations on this quest (as someone who can get claustrophobic, that cave was awful!! really cool but *shudders.*)

While the ending certainly wraps up this “Season” of the story (as the first five books are being called) in a satisfying way that leaves the world and children altered, but their story done, there is definitely space for more (which will come!) and also an interesting new world for the next “season” to step into.

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