Book Review: THOSE ONCE FORGOTTEN by N. C. Scrimgeour

Title in white on giant spaceship hovering above a purple planet
Genre: Sci-fi
Age Range: Adult
Star Rating: 4 stars
Series: yes - second book



Book cover for THOSE ONCE FORGOTTEN: title in white below a giant circulaspaceship above a purple planet

They were a memory once forgotten. For millennia, they waited. Now, they are coming.

The galaxy has been plunged into chaos, left reeling from the trap Alvera Renata triggered around the ancient alien waystations.

As the leaders of the allied systems desperately try to prepare for what might be coming, Ridley and Kojan go on the hunt in search of answers. But the one person who might hold the key—the rogue starship captain who started it all—is missing in action, and her old friends aren’t the only ones looking for her…

Meanwhile, tensions between the Coalition and the Idran-Var are at breaking point in the aftermath of a brutal attack. The only hope for peace may lie in a fragile alliance between Rivus and Niole, old enemies thrown unwillingly onto the same side. But even if they can bury their past, what will it take to overcome the centuries of bloodshed dividing their people?

As the mysterious signal coming from the waystations counts down, only one thing is for certain: something is coming, and if the fractured factions of the galaxy can’t find a way to stand against it together, it may be the end for them all.

Blurb taken from Goodreads. Add to your shelves here.


THOSE ONCE FORGOTTEN is the action-packed sequel to THOSE LEFT BEHIND, as the mysterious enemy grows closer and the characters unearth the history and purpose of the unknown enemy, all while getting distracted fighting one another.

The mystery of the enemy the waystations are counting down to was so good. It unfurls over two POVs, the information being gathered from various places to reveal a very chilling enemy. Their goals are so clinical it’s unnerving – and their history shows just how hard they’re going to be to fight. This book also hints at the cost it’s going to take as punches are not pulled and there are irreversible deaths.

The other POVs are following the Idran-Var/coalition war (aka, two old enemies stubbornly duking it out despite people trying to remind them that the waystations are counting down to something.) That is a brutal war, dealing with the fall out of the destruction of a planet in the previous book, as Niole and Rivus struggle to find their place in the conflict. Those are definitely chapters where you’re rooting for them to find common ground despite all the barriers in their way – the personal and national affronts.

The “dreamer” sections were intriguing as they were in a different tend to the others (third present, rather than third past). This made them really stand out and added to the unreal sense of what was happening around the dreamer.

The finale, THOSE WHO RESIST, is out soon and I can’t wait! Time to read the prequel, THE EXODUS BETRAYAL, in the meantime!

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