Audiobook Review: THE WEIGHT OF COMMAND by Michael Mammay

Genre: Sci-fi
Age Range: Adult
Star Rating: 5 stars
Series: standalone


Book cover for THE WEIGHT OF COMMAND: title in white below orange planet with military flying craft on it

Lieutenant Kiera Markov is a scout platoon leader for a peacekeeping force on the remote planet of Tanara, where little has happened for decades, and the only mission is to keep the lithium flowing up the space elevator to feed the galaxy’s incessant demand. But when an unprecedented attack kills the entirety of the brigade’s leadership, the untested lieutenant suddenly finds herself in command.

Isolated and alone, Markov must contend with rival politicians on both sides of the border, all of whom have suspect motives and reason to take advantage of an untested leader, while an unseen enemy seeks to drive the two sides toward a war that Markov has a mission to prevent. It’s enough to test even a seasoned leader.

Markov isn’t that.

With challenges from all sides, and even from her own troops, Markov will have to learn quickly and establish her authority. Because what hangs in the balance is not only the future of the peacekeeping force, but of the planet itself.

Blurb taken from Goodreads. Add to your shelves here.


This was a really engaging read – I listened to it over about two days (the heat definitely helped as I didn’t want to do anything but starfish on the floor!)

As you’d expect from Michael Mammay, this is another tense military thriller – the pacing is superb. There is the mystery of who was behind the attack – and why – which has to be dealt with at the same time that the nation is gearing towards war, and neither side are particularly helpful. There’s a lot of different situations happening, which really helps the book to keep moving because there’s always something to have to disaster-manage (and usually multiple competing things.)

You are absolutely rooting for Markov from the get go, getting behind her as a character within a few minutes. She’s thrust into the sort of situation everyone dreads. “A disaster’s happened, it’s going to have consequences, and you’re now in charge! Yup, you have no experience of such authority, but you’re the one who gets to deal with this all the same.” Not only is it a great premise but it gets you on her team immediately.

The narrator, Cassamndra Campbell, was engaging too. I’ve only really started listening to audiobooks in the last 18 months, so I don’t think I’m at the point where I think I can pinpoint what makes a good narrator (for me) yet, but I certainly know when a narrator irritates me, and she didn’t!

Having now read four books by the author, it feels like he has a “characteristic ending type,” and there’s one in here too. It’s very abrupt, often ending on an unknown about the future, that sort of jerks you upright to a stop. It works within the thriller nature of the book and the fact that the character has spent the book dealing with so much uncertainty. You get the mystery wrapped up, the immediate situation to a stable place, but the future? There’s still uncertainty at how it will pan out, what the higher ups will decide to do in view of the MC’s actions.

It’s fun to be able to pick out “authorial signatures” like this (OK, maybe that’s only me!) I’m interested to see if THE MISFIT SOLDIER, which isn’t a military thriller in the same way his other books so far have been.

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