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As the name suggests, this tag is inspired by Jane Austen’s PRIDE AND PREJUDICE. It was created by Emma (Turn Another Page) and I was tagged by Jo Lindsell. For the original tag creation post, click here.

PRIDE AND PREJUDICE is a book I’ve tried to read several times (but struggled with.) However, I have watched and loved the BBC’s adaptation many times so this is one classic I feel I at least have a vague understanding of the plot!

If, like me, you struggle with classics, I highly recommend the Barrington Stoke Classics Retold series. Laura Wood retold PRIDE AND PREJUDICE for that series, which is written with dyslexic and reluctant readers in mind.

Onto the tag!

The Bennet Sisters

A Mixed Bag: A Book or Series with an Eclectic Cast of Characters
Book cover for THE OUTLAWS SCARLETT AND BROWNE: title in white above two children overlooking an orange vista

I’d say Scarlett and Albert from THE OUTLAWS SCARLETT AND BROWNE, by Jonathon Stroud, are pretty eclectic – as are pretty much everyone else in this Wild West-esque dystopia set in a post-apocalyptic Britain that’s fragmented into lots of self-governing territories.

It’s a very quirky sort of book, one that worked perfectly with my brand of humour (and the sequel, THE NOTORIOUS SCARLETT AND BROWNE has even more bizarre situations and hijinks.) Everything is delivered so deadpan that you just accept all the oddities as normal within the world.

Charlotte Lucas

The Best Friend: A Dependable Series you can Always Turn To

The Fire and Thorns series by Rae Carson (FIRE AND THORNS, THE CROWN OF EMBERS, and THE BITTER KINGDOM) is a trilogy I can (and have) returned to again and again and again over the years whenever I need a pick-me-up. I’ve even re-read it multiple times in a (very rainy) week!

I just love the world and Elisa’s journey, both in herself and in her faith, as she faces magical and political enemies at home and abroad. Not to mention the slow burn romance that is just so delightful across the second two books.

Mr Darcy

The Unexpected Surprise: A Book/Series you didn't Originally Like but Grew to Love
Book cover for THE BONE SHIPS: title in black on a parchment map with a line drawn sea dragon

THE BONE SHIPS, by R. J. Barker, is definitely a series that took me a while to get into. I’m glad I persevered, as I had an inkling that it would be my sort of thing, if only I was immersed in the world long enough (this had previously happened with THE BONE SEASON series, hence I felt confident enough to keep going!) It probably didn’t help that I first read this series while recovering from an illness that affected my mood and memories.

This is a trilogy about ships made from sea-dragon bones and the societies warring over the remaining bones – and internally for power.

Lady Catherine De Bourg

The Intimidating Aristocrat: A Book/Series that Intimidates you

I have actually read THE FINAL EMPIRE, the first book in the Mistborn Series, by Brandon Sanderson. I was not the biggest fan back then, but since then my tastes have changed and I’ve also really loved other books by Brandon Sanderson, so I really do want to give this series another try.

The only issue is how long it is! The seventh book is due out soon, and while it’s technically the fourth book in a spin off series, it’s still makes for a pretty intimidating series. Not to mention that the books themselves are quite long and so, so popular. I just don’t want to be let down after all the effort needed to read them!

Mr Bingley

Honest yet Easily Led: A Character you think Deserves a lot of Love
Book cover for THE DIAMOND THRONE: title in yellow on grey with paler grey decorative elements above and below

Taking this prompt literally, Kalten from the Elenium and Tamuli trilogies by David Eddings (THE DIAMOND THRONE, THE RUBY KNIGHT, THE SAPPHIRE ROSE, DOMES OF FIRE, THE SHINING ONES, and THE HIDDEN CITY) is honesty and straight forwards (and very loyal) but not the brightest.

He can sometimes see what others can’t, as they’re complicating things (particularly emotionally), but mostly he’s the muscle of the questing group. And the boyhood friend who is a pretty good guide for how the group is doing emotionally.

Mr Collins

Awkward and a little Socially Inept: A Hyped/Popular Book/Series you have Not Read

There are so many books I could list for this! I know my own tastes and generally a lot of the really hyped books on certain parts of instagram/tiktok just do not appeal to me at all. I have some very firm lines in relationships for what I consider toxic and also certain tropes/set ups I just don’t like

Examples include: The Crescent City series (Sarah J. Maas), FROM BLOOD AND ASH (Jennifer L. Armentrout), and EMPIRE OF THE VAMPIRE (Jay Kristoff.)

The Gardiners

Steady Voices of Reason: Character you would Turn To for Advice

Alyrra from THORN, by Intisar Khanani, is the sort of compassionate person who I always think are the best ones to go to for advice. She’s calm and rational and wants what’s best for everyone, so her advice might not be the advice I’d want to hear, but I think it would ultimately lead to the best outcome. And she’d phrase it such a way that it wouldn’t be rejected out of hand as “too much.”

Plus she’s a great listener, and that’s also key for advice dispensers in my opinion – they have to be able to understand the situation before they wade in giving advice!

Mr Wickham

The Deceiver: A Book that did not Live Up to your Expectations
Book cover for QUEEN'S HOPE: title in white below image of padme in green hood

I enjoyed the previous entries in this series, QUEEN’S PERIL and QUEEN’S SHADOW, so had high expectations for the latest instalment in the trilogy, QUEEN’S HOPE, by E. K. Johnston.

However, this book just didn’t do it for me. It seemed to lack the focus and heart of the others, being a bit too wide ranging to focus on Padme – and also seemed to entirely skip over the marriage to Anakin? I understand that this is a book about her, not making her secondary to him like the films do, but it felt like it didn’t touch enough on her juggling the secret marriage and life – almost didn’t contain it at all.

Georgiana Darcy

Shy and Naïve but Friendly: An Underhyped/Under-represented Book

I love Laura Wood’s YA novels and I wish they got more hype because they are such warm, big-hearted novels that feel like a cup of hot chocolate and a blanket on a cold day. I think her third YA, A SNOWFALL OF SILVER gets the least attention of the four so far as it was a 2020 release, releasing just before the UK went into its second lockdown.

This is her third 1920/30s novels about British girls finding themselves and love (and sometimes heartbreak), and this time it’s set around a travelling theatre company!

Colonel Foster’s Regiment

Sure to Liven Up any Pary!: Book/Series you Always Recommend
Book cover for THE HIGHLAND FALCON THIEF: a red steam engine with two kids hanging off the side

If you’re at all into MG at the moment, I will probably not shut up about the Adventures on Trains series by M. G. Leonard and Sam Sedgman (begins with THE HIGHLAND FALCON THIEF). I describe them as “Murder on the Orient Express for modern kids, and with a wider variety of crimes.”

I love this series so much – the mysteries are so compelling and Elisa Pagnelli’s illustrations really bring the book alive. Plus her illustrations follow the plot’s requirements for changing styles with absolute (apparent) ease!

I tag Kerry (Like Herding Cats), Rebbie (Rebbie Reviews), and anyone else who wants to take part!

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