Book Review: THE THIRTEEN SECRETS by Michelle Harrison (Middle Grade Monday)

Title in purple on purple below a feathered mask
Genre: Fantasy
Age Range: MG
Star Rating: 4 stars
Series: yes - final book in trilogy



Book cover for THE THIRTEEN SECRETS: title in yellow on priple with smoke and a feather masks and

Red is now living at Elvesden Manor under her real name, Rowan, and trying to put the past behind her. But staying on the straight and narrow isn’t as easy as she had hoped . . .

Hounded by those who would like her to participate once more in the changeling trade, Rowan is also haunted by dreams of the Hedgewitch’s cottage and the chained-up Eldritch, who swore revenge when she left him there.

Her past is about to catch up with her, but can she, Tanya and Fabian prevent it consuming her altogether?

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The final book in this dark modern fairy tale, THE THIRTEEN SECRETS delves into the world of those trying to undo the effects of the changeling trade, returning stolen children and fairies alike. But a figure from Rowan’s past is back to haunt her – and someone’s trying to shut down the anti-changeling trade circle.

After two books that focused on the consequences of the changeling trade, it was nice to look deeper into what was happening to undo it. It had been touched on in previous books, but we get to see the various stages involved in a mission – information gathering, planning, undoing the harm.

As the title suggests, thirteen plays a role in this book, linked back to the thirteen treasures of the fairy world once more. I like how creative this series has been to get this one concept in multiple times in new ways. Not only does it give the stories a thematic continuity (as well as the plot continuity) but it also means you know there are going to be multiple components to things.

Like THE THIRTEEN CURSES, THE THIRTEEN SECRETS focuses more on Rowan than Tanya – her fear and historic ties with the group. This allows the consequences of the previous book and also the past that was revealed in the previous book to be explored in more depth, as well as giving a background and greater depth to the characters introduced as we’ve had hints of how they have been significant to Rowan in previous books.

There is actually one more book in this series, a prequel called ONE WISH, which I didn’t know about before. Time to look that one up!

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