Top Ten Tuesday: Books on Previous TBRs that I still haven’t Read

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Top Ten Tuesday is a fun weekly meme, hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl. Everyone is welcome to join in the fun.

I have recently partially moved (i.e. packed everything up and put into storage until I can complete the move), so this list contains a lot of books that are in storage currently, ones that have been waiting a while and (unfortunately) will be waiting several more months…

All the TBR dates are the times they were officially put onto a TBR post. In reality, many had been on my mental TBR a good while longer. However, it did make me realise that my efforts so far this year to mop up books that have been hanging around a while hasn’t gone too badly.

1. HOLLOW EMPIRE, by Sam Hawke

Book cover for HOLLOW EMPIRE: title in gold above a crown on clouds

Went onto my TBR: November 2021 (The Ugly Sweater Bingo)

HOLLOW EMPIRE is the sequel to CITY OF LIES, which I absolutely loved. CITY OF LIES was a great example of how to do a siege book well, that ratcheting tension and sense of being trapped.

Unfortunately, I waited for this book to come out in paperback (to spare my wrists! These are chonky books!) and then there were supply chain issues, which meant this book arrived very late (and worse, right in the middle of one of the busier exam and also book release periods.) As such, it got consigned to a lower position on the TBR.

2. THE PASSENGER, by Ulrich Alexander Boschwitz

Book cover for THE PASSENGER: title it white on black, grey, and red graphic of a man looking over his shoulder at an approaching train in a station

Went onto my bingo: November 2021 (Ugly Sweater Bingo)

THE PASSENGER (maybe one day I’ll get the vowels right on first attempt?) is a book that I picked up as a possibility for my book club. It wasn’t ultimately picked as the read for that month, so I read something else. Which kept happening.

This is a translated book, originally published back in 1939 but re-released in 2021. Written by a German Jew, it follows a couple about trying to flee Germany after Kristallnatch on trains and the people they meet along the way.

3. THE EXCALIBUR CURSE, by Kiersten White

Book cover for THE EXCALIBUR CURSE: title in white on graphic of girl with sword

Went onto my TBR: November 2021 (Ugly Sweater Bingo)

The final book in the Camelot Rising trilogy, I had buddy read the first two entries (THE GUINEVERE DECEPTION and THE CAMELOT BETRAYAL) so naturally I had to buddy read THE EXCALIBUR CURSE too.

Which of course then meant having to find time in both our schedules when we could just read (if one is busy and the other isn’t, then the stop-starting can get irritating.) One thing lead to another and here we are, book currently unread.

4. ALL THE WANDERING LIGHT, by Heather Fawcett

Book cover for ALL THE WANDERING LIGHT: title in transparent white on dawn-lit mountains

Went onto TBR: March 2022 (Spring TBR)

Probably the newest entry on this list (because it went onto the mental TBR at the same time it went onto an “official” TBR), ALL THE WANDERING LIGHT is the sequel to EVEN THE DARKEST STARS.

I read and found EVEN THE DARKEST STARS fun but not remarkable, and was perfectly content to leave the series there (a rarity for someone like me who has to finish things), but then I kept seeing the duology through the early months of this year, and that made me determined to actually finish the duology off.

5. GODS AND MONSTERS, by Shelby Mauhrin

Book cover for GODS AND MONSTERS: title in silver on gold details on silver background

Went onto TBR: March 2022 (Spring TBR)

The finale to the SERPENT AND DOVE trilogy, it has technically been on my mental TBR since BLOOD AND HONEY finished. This is a fantasy romance series that has some faults, and also I find the situation a bit hilarious, but is a decent read when you just want something light, which tends to be when I pick up romances.

The issue is how big these books are. The trilogy combined is over 1500 pages, with this final instalment being the longest (over 650 pages.) It’s that which has pushed it repeatedly down the TBR – it’s a big commitment to take on for light reading!

6. BECOMING, by Michelle Obama

Went onto TBR: March 2022 (Spring TBR)

Taking the prize for “longest on the mental TBR”, BECOMING was published back in 2018. A variety of reasons meant I didn’t pick it up until 2021, and then didn’t get around to it because we were in a third lockdown so I just didn’t feel up to non-fiction.

I’ll be honest, such a long time between mental TBR and actually getting around to read it means I’m less interested now. I will read it (probably) because it seems silly not to after all this time, but it probably won’t be the priority out of this list.

7. LADY HOTSPUR, by Tessa Gratton

Book cover for LADY HOTSPUR: title in red on white above a hand holding a crown

Added to TBR: April 2022 (Books on TBR a while)

As the TBR name suggests, this date is a bit misleading. These are all books that were on my mental TBR for a while, but only got “officially” put onto my TBR in April.

I did not particularly enjoy THE QUEENS OF INNIS LEAR, Tessa Gratton’s previous Shakespeare retelling. However, LADY HOTSPUR retells my favourite play (Henry IV Part One), so I wanted to at least try this book. And then put it off because I’m scared it will absolutely mangle a play I love.

8. FIREBORNE, by Rosaria Munda

Book cover for FIREBORNE: title in gold on black dragon on red

Added to TBR: April 2022 (Books on TBR a while)

FIREBORNE is a book I got in 2020 then lent to a friend who needed to read up on comp titles for a book she was about to query before I’d had a chance to read it. And then she didn’t read it for over 18 months.

That very long delay, and also not seeing it all that time to remind me it existed, meant I basically forgot about it and so my “I want to read this” attitude basically vanished.

9. HOUSE OF DRAGONS, by Jessica Cluess

Title in silver on crossed swords on blue

Added to TBR: April 2022 (Books on TBR a while)

HOUSE OF DRAGONS has the same story as FIREBORNE (lent out to the same friend for the same reasons), except with an added twist. The author was involved in a twitter dust up and so the second book in this duology was cancelled.

That cancellation makes me less eager to read this. It’s a duology and a YA fantasy one, so there’s probably a cliff hanger. Not to mention it’s an incomplete story, and I don’t know if I want to read it knowing I’ll never get the ending.

10. CROWNING SOUL, by Sahira Javaid

Book cover for CROWNING SOUL: title in gold on girl in dress with sword

Added to TBR: April 2022 (Books on TBR a while)

CROWNING SOUL is an eARC from the first 2020 lockdown (published September 2020) that simply got lost amidst the uncertainty of the opening months of covid and then my subsequent (unrelated) illness in the autumn.

Obviously something interested me in the book enough to request an eARC – I’ve just forgotten what with all that happened. And the fact we’re now past publication means that (to my brain) there isn’t an urgency to get around it it (and I’m playing catch up as it is with new releases!)

What books do you still need to read from old TBRs?

15 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Books on Previous TBRs that I still haven’t Read

  1. Unfortunately I read and loved House Of Dragons before the Twitter drama! However when I saw her tweets I removed the sequel from my TBR and got rid of the book, so I had no plans to continue the series anyway. I might check out Fireborne though!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Becoming is being highly recommended today, so I guess I need to hope I get into a autobiography mood this summer!


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