Most Anticipated Books of 2022; Part 2

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Top Ten Tuesday is a fun weekly meme, hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl. Everyone is welcome to join in the fun.

It’s that time again! The second six months of the year are here, and with them a lot of book releases that I am very excited for. It was tricky getting a list over thirty down, but here are the ten I’m most excited for. As is usual, all dates mentioned are UK publication dates, unless otherwise mentioned.


Publication Date: 10th November

The sequel to DAUGHTER OF THE MOON GODDESS, HEART OF THE SUN WARRIOR is one of two Harper Voyager books on this list (the other taking #1 spot) that is getting an accelerated release schedule – i.e. two releases in under a year. Which is great for readers who are eager to find out what happens next!

This duology is inspired by Chinese mythology and was gorgeously written. There has also been another book set in the world announced, which is very exciting.

9. THE FINAL GAMBIT, by Jennifer Lynn Barnes

Book cover for THE FINAL GAMBIT: title in white on green chessboard with people standing on it

Publication Date: 30th August

The finale of THE INHERITANCE GAMES series, THE FINAL GAMBIT is a YA thriller about a girl who suddenly inherits the fortune of a puzzle-loving man, and her relationship with his family who aren’t thrilled. But at least the kids her age thaw (a bit) when forced to work with her to solve the puzzles set by the deceased.

I love the puzzles and twists and turns of this series, and it only got better with the second entry, THE HAWTHORNE LEGACY. It’s addictively written and full of surprises that send the story hurtling off in a new direction.

8. BABEL, by R. F. Kuang

Book cover for BABEL: title in black on woodcut of Oxford split down middle

Publication Date: 18th August

After the success of THE POPPY WAR trilogy, there was a lot of speculation about what book would come next from the author, and BABEL is the answer. I think this is going to be the fiction book with the longest title on my shelves, as BABEL is only the short title!

It’s a historical fantasy about a translation group at Oxford (called Babel), about colonisation, and about the violence in revolution. The book is set in the early 19th century, and it’s a very chunky dark academia novel that’s already garnered a lot of praise (and hype.)

7. THE OLEANDER SWORD, by Tasha Suri

Book cover for THE OLEANDER SWORD: title in blue on green drawing of a woman in a sari with a sword pushing through curtains

Publication Date: 16th August

The sequel to THE JASMINE THRONE, THE OLEANDER SWORD is the second book in Tasha Suri’s sapphic trilogy set in an Indian-inspired world where a princess fights to gain the throne of the brother who imprisoned her and a priestess-cum-maid fights to restore her people.

It’s a sprawling epic of magic, betrayal, and tangled loyalties – and I suspect going to contain quite a few emotional punches. The ending of the first book also promised a lot more confrontations now the pair have escaped and set themselves on separate paths.

6. A RESTLESS TRUTH, by Freya Marske

Book cover for A RESTLESS TRUTH: title in gold on turquoise with shilloutette of two women in yellow

Publication Date: 1st November

The companion-slash-sequel to A MARVELLOUS LIGHT, A RESTLESS TRUTH follows the sister of Robin (one of the leads in the previous book) on a boat across to America that doesn’t go as planned.

Given it had new POVs, I think this is more of a companion, but there are some elements (the magic binding stuff that gives the series its name) that wasn’t tied up. Possibly that will the thing that gives an overarching story to the trilogy – hence the companion vs sequel uncertainty!

5. OCEAN’S ECHO, by Everina Maxwell

Publication Date: 1st November

I think this one is much more of a companion than a sequel, but OCEAN’S ECHO is the next book in the world of WINTER’S ORBIT, my favourite book of 2021.

A socialite ends up in the military, where a principled commanding officer is under orders to use his telepathic abilities to control the new recruit. As they plan how to get out of the situation, feelings start to build – and they stumble onto information that could make the war much much worse.

4. THE IVORY TOMB, by Melissa Caruso

Book cover for THE IVORY TOMB: title in black on white around a heraldic shield made of bones

Publication Date: 17th November

THE IVORY TOMB (ominous name!) is the finale to the Rooks and Ruin trilogy, Melissa Caruso’s second trilogy set in this world of mages controlled with jesses and witchlords with terrifying amounts of power linked to the land. Oh, and the demons of hell are still loose and causing havoc.

Also, I really love how this cover incorporates elements from the first two books, THE OBSIDIAN TOWER and THE QUICKSILVER COURT (top left and bottom right respectively.)

3. DAUGHTER OF DARKNESS, by Katharine and Elizabeth Corr

Book cover for DAUGHTER OF DARKNESS: title in white on blue graphic of girl with snakes hair in gold roundel

Publication Date: 4th August

I mean, it’s a UKYA fantasy written by the Corr sisters, inspired by Ancient Greece. Do I really need to say much more to explain why I’m so excited?

DAUGHTER OF DARKNESS is a retelling based on Orpheus and Eurydice, set in an alterative world with magic and where the Mycenae Empire didn’t fall. Deina is trapped in service to Hades so when Opheus (the tyrant ruler) wants his wife Eurydice back, she heads into the underworld…

2. THE ARCTIC RAILWAY ASSASSIN, by M. G. Leonard and Sam Sedgman

Publication Date: 13th October

The sixth entry in the Adventures on Trains series that started with THE HIGHLAND FALCON THIEF, THE ARCTIC RAILWAY ASSASSIN is the latest train-based mystery for this writing duo.

I love this mystery series so much – probably my favourite MG series at the moment. A variety of crimes from theft, murder, and sabotage, all occur on trains, which creates a locked-in effect. The culprit must be someone on board, so the tension mounts to find them before they can commit further atrocities.

1. A FIRE ENDLESS, by Rebecca Ross

Publication Date: 8th December

The sequel to A RIVER ENCHANTED, A FIRE ENDLESS is the second book in this Scottish-inspired adult fantasy duology. There is a gorgeous slow, sedateness to the writing to this series that really evokes the magic-shrouded isle, full of secrets and warring clans.

It’s also the perfect narrative style for a series that’s as much about the complex labyrinth of relationships – old friends, married couples who married for convenience, parents and children, and siblings. I am very eager to return to this world and find out what happens next.

What books are you looking forward to in the next six months?


16 thoughts on “Most Anticipated Books of 2022; Part 2

  1. I’m also really excited for The Final Gambit! Oooh, I didn’t know there was another book coming in the Adventures on Trains series. I’m several books behind now, but I definitely need to get caught up. It’s such a cute series! Daughter of Darkness sounds really good, too. Thanks for sharing!

    Here’s my TTT post.

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