June 2022 Round-Up

June was a bit up and down for me. I finished my degree (yay!) I got covid (boo!) which means the end of the month was a frantic mess of packing around coughing, but I did get a fair bit of reading in too (there was a week were I couldn’t do anything but read, and a fair bit of that had to be audio because I was so dizzy.)

Best New Release

Book cover for A MIDNIGHT DARK AND GOLDEN: title in gold on black with two kids in armour above title

The finale to her MIDNIGHT’S TWINS trilogy, A MIDNIGHT DARK AND GOLDEN, by Holly Race, is as heart wrenching and full of beloved character deaths as the rest of the series. This is a truly imaginative take on Arthuriana.

The dream world Anwnn that lies parallel to ours is in peril from a populist politician who seeks to use it to control the world. It’s up to Fern, her twin Ollie, and the others who protect dreamers’ lives in this dream world to find Excalibur and the Grail if they want to end the politician once and for all to protect Anwnn.

Best Backlist Read

Book cover for THE BONE SHIP'S WAKE: title in black on beige sea with yellow serpent

I finally got around to some long-languishing books on my shelves this month. One of which was THE BONE SHIP’S WAKE, by R. J. Barker. Another series finale, this is an adult high seas fantasy trilogy about books made of sea dragon bones that started with THE BONE SHIPS.

The (in)famous captain of Joren’s ship has been taken, the spearhead of the rebellion, so Joren searches desperately for her, all while the sea dragons reappear and a prophecy pertaining the end of the world draws nearer, with Joren and his captain right at the heart of the prophecy.

Most Surprising Read

Book cover for A LADY'S GUIDE TO FORTUNE-HUNTING: title in blue on yellow silhouette of a woman with a feathered hat

I do not usually read romances, but I could feel burnout coming on midway through the month, so decided to try a recently released regency romance that was making a lot of waves. After all, something completely different often helps stave off burnout I find.

A LADY’S GUIDE TO FORTUNE HUNTING, by Sophie Irwin, was an utter delight. This is a low heat story that takes a while for the romance to kick in, instead following the often hilarious hijinks of a lady scheming her way into a rich match that will save her family from destitution.

Best UK-Authored Read

Book cover for TAG YOU'RE DEAD: title in white on black around a chess piece dripping blood

I was very excited to get my hands on TAG YOU’RE DEAD, by Kathryn Foxfield, early. I love her horror and thrillers, particularly IT’S BEHIND YOU, and this latest book is just as much fun.

A celebrity games designer and general “prankster influencer” is running a game of tag across London over a night, and among the contestants are three teens entering for very different reasons. But the game is soon sabotaged by someone using the shape of a girl who died at the celebrity’s house a year ago – a girl who’s linked to many of the players…

Best Debut

Book cover for THE BOOK OF GOTHEL: title in white on grey tower on dark green with red hair tumbling from a window

THE BOOK OF GOTHEL, by Mary McMyne, is a historical fantasy loosely inspired by the Rapunzel fairy tale, though it’s more about what might lead to a woman living in a tower with a child who isn’t hers (though the child only comes in at the very end.)

What I particularly enjoyed was that this was the perfect set up for a story about an ostracised woman turning vengeful and becoming the villain that way. But Healewise never loses her kindness and compassion, never seeks vengeance even when hurt the worst – she still seeks justice and treats others well.

Most Anticipated July Release

A DARKNESS AT THE DOOR, by Intisar Khanani, is the second book in the Rae duology (which begun with THE THEFT OF SUNLIGHT), and the third book in the Dauntless Path series (which begun with THORN.)

I love these book, which are set in a rich world and are all about justice and sticking up for yourself and your principles, even when it might be easier to not. Plus, THE THEFT OF SUNLIGHT ended on a pretty big cliff-hanger, so I am eager to find out what happens next to our fierce heroine!

How was your June?


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