Top Ten Tuesday: Summer TBR

Title in white on navy starry skies

Top Ten Tuesday is a fun weekly meme, hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl. Everyone is welcome to join in the fun.

Term – any my degree – has ended! I am home now, waiting for the summer to elapse (and house hunting) to head off to a different university for a PhD come the autumn. As such, my TBR goals for the summer are to hover up some unreads that have been hanging around, mostly to see what I can get rid of to reduce how much I have to pack! Therefore, some of these titles will look very familiar (though I did clear a few out at Easter!)

1. GODS AND MONSTERS, by Shelby Mahurin

Book cover for GODS AND MONSTERS: title in silver on gold details on silver background

It’s probably about time I finished off the SERPENT AND DOVE trilogy, a YA fantasy romance smash hit. I did enjoy the first two books back when I read them a few years ago, but I’ve been less and less interested in YA so it’s slipped down the pile.

I guess the other thing that’s put me off is just how long the trilogy is. They are very chunky books, all over 500 pages, with the finale more than 600. As a re-reader (because my ability to recall books is limited after half a year), I will need to read it again, but that’s over 1500 pages to read!

2. ALL THE WANDERING LIGHT, by Heather Fawcett

Book cover for ALL THE WANDERING LIGHT: title in transparent white on dawn-lit mountains

I was perfectly happy to leave this duology unfinished after I read EVEN THE DARKEST STARS. It’s not that it’s a bad book, it’s just that it didn’t capture me enough to feel the urge to keep reading. But then started randomly thinking of again, so I decided I might as well finish it off.

This is a Himalyan-inspired duology, with the first book focusing on climbing an insurmountable peak. There’s magic and mythology, and a handsome but secretive explore, in the mix. I don’t remember very much, so it’s definitely another that needs a re-read

3. A CLOSED AND COMMON ORBIT, by Becky Chambers

Book cover for A CLOSED AND COMMON ORBIT: title in white on night sky with a hint of red

Several years ago, I read THE LONG WAY TO A SMALL, ANGRY PLANET. I wasn’t enamoured of it then, but my tastes have changed since then and it is such a big series in the world of modern sci-fi that I feel like it’s high time I gave this series another try.

I’m pretty certain that all four books in this series are companions, rather than direct sequels to one another. I’m not sure whether I need to re-read the first book or not before trying the second entry, A CLOSED AND COMMON ORBIT. I guess we’ll see how I feel when the time comes.

4. BECOMING, by Michelle Obama

According to my blog’s archives, I first mentioned my intention to read BECOMING on here in December 2018. *Insert slightly hysterical laughter at the three-and-a-half-years that have elapsed since then* I probably shouldn’t let it get to four years on the TBR.

I just don’t really read autobiographies. Biographies of the (long) dead – yes, but something about the closeness in time to the person/the fact they’re still alive weirds me out a little. It feels strangely intrusive, which is complete nonsense given they’ve written the book to be read by others.


Book cover for THE THURSDAY MURDER CLUB: title in red and black on cream with red border

With the third book now out, I’m very much not in the crowd who are “on top” of this bestselling series. Still, better late than never to start reading (and the advantage of starting after several books are out is that I shan’t have to wait too long to catch up in paperback, should I decide to keep reading.)

I do really like mysteries, particularly pitting myself against the detective to see if I can get to the answer first. My summer (and early autumn, based on release dates) could end up being pretty mystery heavy (vs normal.)

6. THE BLADEBONE, by Ausma Zehanat Khan

Book cover for THE BLADEBONE: title in gold on purple with intricate purple, gold, and white design around

I read my way through the first three books in The Khorasan Archives (THE BLOODPRINT, THE BLACK KHAN, and THE BLUE EYE) back in November 2020, right when I was the most ill I’ve been for a decade or more. I wasn’t the most enamoured of the series then, but I suspect being ill didn’t help. Plus I do want to know how the series ends.

Therefore, this summer I want to re-read and finish the series. Hopefully I enjoy it more this time because the premise is so good (and the UK covers are gorgeous.)

7. DAUGTHERS OF NIGHT, by Laura Shepherd-Robinson

Book cover for DAUGHTER OF NIGHT: title in pale yellow on blue above a georgian house

DAUGHTER OF NIGHT is the companion to BLOOD AND SUGAR, a historical mystery. This companion follows a character from the first book as she finds a mystery of her own that involves prostitutes – so naturally the police aren’t bothered to help. It’s also a lot chonkier than the first book (and that was pretty hefty!)

I really liked the way Georgian London was evoked, focusing on the seedier side rarely thought about as a lot of the novels based around this time are all about the glittering upper class and don’t delve into the rot behind all those jewels, or into the docks.

8. GREEN RISING, by Lauren James

Book cover for GREEN RISING: title in white on black below a tree shaped like a hand

The latest book from Lauren James, this was published last September, so I want to get around to it before then. The author is also going to be at a book festival happening soon in London (YALC) so the goal is to read it before then (though the way scheduling is happening at the moment, a review is unlikely to come out for at least six weeks, even if I do get around to it in the next fortnight!)

GREEN RISING is another sci-fi from the author, but this time it focuses on climate change and teens finding the ability to grow plants and maybe fight back to save the planet.

9. THE SHADOW GLASS, by Josh Winning

Book cover for THE SHADOW GLASS: title in silver below a fox-headed human in a frame

THE SHADOW GLASS is another book I want to read before YALC, but this time it’s a 2022 debut. I’ve seen this talked about as both an adult and a YA book. It’s sold in adult in the UK (and the blurb seems to imply the main character is not a teen), so we’ll see which age range feels more appropriate once I’ve read it.

The son of a film director comes home to the house filled with memorabilia from a failed film to find that the puppets are talking. turns out, the monsters from the story are real and are stalking London. Time to stop them

10. THE GOOD HAWK, by Josef Elliot

Book cover for THE GOOD HAWK: title in white below blue image of a person standing on a landscape

THE GOOD HAWK (yes, I do keep confusing the name with THE FAITHLESS HAWK) is the start of a UKYA trilogy that I saw being promoted as it was being released over the last few years. I think it’s set in an alternative UK (or it might be contemporary fantasy?) Either way, it’s a UK-based fantasy novel set around the Isle of Skye (which more or less sums up all I know about it!)

Hopefully I enjoy it because starting and enjoying completed series has the bonus of not needing to wait for years to finish off the story! (Though, knowing my track record, that delay will still happen!)

What books are you hoping to read this summer?

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