Top Ten Tuesday: One Word Reviews

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Top Ten Tuesday is a fun weekly meme, hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl. Everyone is welcome to join in the fun. 

Today’s full prompt was “One Word Reviews of the Last Ten Books I Read.” However, because I schedule rather far in advance (partly because I really don’t like having to finish posts the day before they go live – the monthly Round-Ups are enough excitement on that front!) the books on this list are the last 10 reviews that have gone live on my blog.

This was a surprisingly difficult post to put together, trying to distil books into one word. I think I did better with some than others.

1. THE HIDDEN BASE by A.E. Warren

Book cover for THE HIDDEN BASE: title in blue on purple with tree borders

THE HIDDEN BASE in the second in the Tomorrow’s Ancestors series, which began with SUBJECT-TWENTY-ONE, a sci-fi leaning adult dystopia where genetically engineered humans rule a ravaged world and are recreating extinct species like Neanderthals and the dodo.

My one word review is:


My full review can be found here.

2. THE RIVER OF SILVER, by S. A. Chakraborty

THE RIVER OF SILVER is a series of short stories set in the world of S. A. Chakraborty’s bestselling Daevabad trilogy (THE CITY OF BRASS, THE KINGDOM OF COPPER and THE EMPIRE OF GOLD.) Originally released as an audio exclusive, it will release this summer in hardback.

My one word review is:


My full review can be found here.

3. NETTLE AND BONE, by T. Kingfisher

Book cover for NETTLE AND BONE: title in white bones on grey with brown details around skull, thread, chicken and trees

NETTLE AND BONE is a standalone adult fantasy by T. Kingfisher. Despite the cover, I would definitely say this is not a dark fantasy. I’ve heard so much about her books over the years, but this was the first one I’d ever read.

One Word Review:


Find my full review here.

4. THE KINDRED, by Alechia Dow

Book cover for THE KINDRED: title in white on two black kids lying down, heads together but torsos on opposite sides of book, hair star-studded

THE KINDRED is a YA Sci-Fi about two teens who have had chips linking their minds since birth, but have been kept apart because of their difference in station. But when they’re framed for royal assassinations, they meet for the first time as they’re forced to flee

My one Word Review:


Full review here.


Book cover for RUMAYSA EVER AFTER: title in white on orange domed building on blue with purple tree border

The sequel to RUMAYSA, this is another fairy tail remix, centring a Muslim heroine in a South-East Asian-inspired world. These are not the fairy tales you know at all, but there are familiar even if flipped on their heads in many ways.

My One Word Review:


Find my full review here

6. THE FOURTH SPECIES, by A. E. Warren

Book cover for THE FOURTH SPECIES: title in yellow on orange with people standing before a forest fire

Yes, two reviews for the same author! This is the third instalment in the Tomorrow’s Ancestors series, though it’s certainly not the end of the series. I waited in order to binge two books back-to-back, as I do like to do that sometimes.

One Word Review:


My full review can be here.


Book cover for A BARGAIN WITH THE FAE KING: title in yellow on green skirt of girl in yellow woods

This adult fantasy romance is the start in a series of companion stories about the fae. Lia makes a bargain with a fae king to save her sister once she disappears, but even though the fae can’t lie, pretty much everyone is by omission.

My one word review:


Full review here.

8. EYES OF THE VOID, by Adrian Tchaikovsky

EYES OF THE VOID is the second entry in The Final Architects trilogy, which began with SHARDS OF EARTH, an adult space opera where Earth has been torn to shreds and then twisted into a new shape. It took a great battle to defeat the aliens who did that before, and now they are back.

It is, in one word:


For my full review, click here.

9. WHEN WOMEN WERE DRAGONS, by Kelly Barnhill

Book cover for WHEN WOMEN WERE DRAGONS: title in white on green leaves and purples flowers and a dragon hiding underneath

This is Kelly Barnhill’s YA debut (having made a name for herself in MG), though this alternate-history does read a lot more like adult than YA personally. Set in a world where women sometimes become dragons – and society and the government refuse to acknowledge it.

My One Word Review:


My full review can be found here.

10. THE BOOK SMUGGLERS, by Anna James

Book cover for THE BOOK SMUGGLERS: title in gold and white on turquoise above two shildred and assorted bookish items

THE BOOK SMUGGLERS is the fourth entry in the Pages and Co series, a UKMG portal fantasy where some people are Bookwanders, able to enter the world of books – where they can get sucked into all sorts of adventures.

It is, in one word:


For my full review, click here.

How would you describe your last ten reads in one word?


17 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: One Word Reviews

    1. Some reading stretches can be like that – right now, I’m having to alternate age range in order to not get bogged down (favouring MG!)


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