Book Review: SEERESS OF KELL by David Eddings

Title in dark purple on violet next to purple statue of a hooded woman
Genre: Fantasy
Age Range: Adult
Star Rating: 4 stars
Series: yes - final book



Book cover for SEERESS OF KELL: title in black above a dragon on a ball above a red plane with a river bisecting it

The final choice: darkness or light.

The last clue has been found. It will lead Garion and his friends to the Place Which Is No More. Zandramas awaits him there…and with him is Garion’s son.

Armed only with his ancestral sword Garion must fight his way past dragons and demons to meet Zandramas and fulfil his destiny. But the prophecies require a great sacrifice.

An impossible choice: save the world – or the person you love.

Synopsis taken from Goodreads. Add to your shelves here.


The finale to the Malloreon (and, in a way, to the Belgariad too) ends the series that sort of skips the problem of upping the “evil factor” of the villain of the previous series (a god) by focusing on replacing the previous god. Garion hasn’t decided who his candidate is, but his son is the other side’s candidate – which means he might need to kill his son, if all goes badly.

As this is the final book, there is finally a sense of progression towards a showdown, which helps with adding in a pacing and tension issue with the previous books. We find out the location of the final meeting, and then it’s a quest to get there, now that there’s a location to head for. Naturally, there are obstacles in the way – including a bevy of classic fantasy tropes such as jousts and dragons!

There is then the big final fight, which comes with an actual cost – fulfilling the prophecy condition from book 1 that said someone will die. The other side does remain pretty much a “general” and a faceless army, so the first, physical section of the showdown lacks the feeling of threat that the second half of the showdown contains.

The audiobook is ~16hrs, and the last ~3.5hrs are all “the baddy’s defeated, so now it’s time to tie up and say goodbye.” They pretty much visit every country in the world on their way home, so it is quite a long section. However, if you think of the entire series as one book rather than a series (which is more or less how it’s structured), then it’s a “short” denouement.

While that’s the end of the main David Eddings series, there are two companions to the Belgariad/Malloreon which I have never actually read. So I think I’ll try them.

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