February TBR: The Royal Readathon Animals Edition

Hello and welcome to another instalment of “I have no idea who these Disney characters are.” It’s quite a short set of prompts this time, so hopefully I’ll do better this time!

Hosted by Becca (thebeccafowell) and Liv (Magical book blogger), if you want to find out more about the readathon, click here.


Prompt: Read a book with a battle or war
Book cover for THE BONE SHIP'S WAKE: title in black on beige sea with yellow serpent

According to google, Kahn is Mulan’s horse, so that makes sense of the prompt!

THE BONE SHIPS’ WAKE, by R. J. Barker, is the final book in The Tide Child trilogy, which is a sea-going adult fantasy series. There have been plenty of sea battles so far, so there really ought to be at least a few in this one! After all, this is the time to take down the big bad and rescue the ship’s captured captain! This is a 2021 release I really need to get around to as my copy is a review copy…

Thomas O’Malley

Prompt: Read a book where two people fall in love
Book cover for OUR VIOLENT ENDS: title in gold on burning, dragon wrapped grenade on dark maroon

Apparently Thomas O’Malley comes from The Aristocrats (a Disney movie I’ve never seen.) My knowledge of this movie is the spaghetti eating and kiss gif, and that’s it.

Another 2021 release, OUR VIOLENT ENDS, by Chloe Gong, is the duology finale to her Romeo and Juliet retelling, which began with THESE VIOLENT DELIGHTS. If your protagonists aren’t falling in love in a Romeo and Juliet retelling than something ha gone seriously wrong! The twist with this retelling is that there is a monster stalking the streets of 1920s Shanghai.


Prompt: Read a book with a big bad
Book cover for A RIVER ENCHANTED: title in white in a blue paper-cut esque river with purple flowers around it

So Lucifer is the evil step-mother’s cat in Cindererlla? (I told you I was bad at Disney characters!)

A RIVER ENCHANTED, by Rebecca Ross, is her adult fantasy debut and I cannot wait for this book. It’s one of my most anticipated books of the year and it’s almost here!

Scottish Isle inspired, multi-POV, childhood enemies having to work together to save their home from missing girls and a dark secret festering in the isle.


Prompt: Read a book with a pet or animal
Book cover fo/r WILLOW MOSS AND THE VANISHED KINGDOM: title in yellow on a purple star with a girl

Pluto is the first animal on here I knew! A cartoon character from the Mikey Mouse-verse.

WILLOW MOSS AND THE VANISHED KINGDOM, by Dominique Valente, is the third entry in the Starfell series. As you can see on the cover, Willow’s companion on her adventures is a Kobold (definitely not a cat!) called Oswin. His dialect is a lot of fun, and spelt out in the book like someone who’s just learning to write might do. There is also a fourth book coming this year, so I should probably hurry up and get around to this one!


Prompt: Read a book set in a country that isn't your own

Another one of the few I know – this is Jasmine’s tiger!

LOVEBOAT REUNION, by Abigail Hing Wen, is the sequel to LOVEBOAT TAIPEI, and 2020 debut that completely surprised me. As a rule, I am not really a big fan of contemporary as I don’t really enjoy romance-heavy books. But it was such a fun ride, and the setting was perfect for a youthful rebellion to play out. Therefore, this companion book is one of the few contemporaries I am planning on reading this year, featuring side characters with too much history and too many secrets meeting up at a reunion on Taipei.


Prompt: Read a book set at or beside the sea

I was expecting a Little Mermaid character, given the prompt, but the first google result was for some character from the Mickey Mouse-verse called Max Goof? Some further digging revealed that there is a Little Mermaid character called Max – the prince’s dog.

THE GIRL WHO FELL BENEATH THE SEA, by Axie Oh, is a book I don’t know very much about and am largely reading it because of that gorgeous cover. Given the cover and title, I figure it has to fit this prompt!


Prompt: Read a book with familial relationships
Book cover for JADE LEGACY: title in blue above a lake

Another character I know! The dog-cum-nurse from Peter Pan.

JADE LEGACY, by Fonda Lee, is another 2021 review copy I need to get around to, and is the finale of The Green Bone Saga, an urban fantasy trilogy about gangs trying to control jade – which enhances strength among other things. It’s such an inventive world and series, and unlike any other urban fantasy I’ve read (it’s secondary world and contains no supernatural creatures!) It’s going to be a lot of pages to finish off this trilogy!


Prompt: Read a book with royalty
Book cover for REDEMPTOR: title in white on green, blue, and purple plants and animals on black

Don’t worry, this is one character I am very much aware of who he is (though I’ve never watched the movie to the end!)

REDEMPTOR, by Jordan Ifueko, is yet another 2021 release sitting on my shelves (but if I get through the books in this post this month, I’ll have polished most of them off! And then I’ll need to catch up on the early 2022 releases pushed aside in order to finish off last year’s!) It’s the duology finale to RAYBEARER, an East African-inspired series about magic, family bonds, a prince and his council, and curses.

What books are you planning on reading this month?

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