Top Ten Most Anticipated Books of 2022; Part One

Title in white on pale starry skies

It’s that time of year again that we look forward to the books coming out this year. These are 10 books coming out January to June that I am excited for.

It also happens to coincide with a Top Ten Tuesday prompt. TTT is a fun weekly meme, hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl. Everyone is welcome to join in the fun.

10. WILD AND WICKED THINGS, by Francesca May

Book cover for WILD AND WICKED THINGS: title in white on black with gold decorative elements

WILD AND WICKED THINGS is a 2022 debut (under this penname and in the fantasy genre). It is set in the 1920s, where the aftermath of the war has outlawed almost all magic, and I believe it’s a British-esque setting but I can’t see that one confirmed either way.

The book promises to be full of forbidden magic and forbidden love, described as a gothic The Great Gatsby meets witchcraft. It sounds absolutely delightful – and is a very early 2022 release, so I don’t have to wait very long.

9. TEMPLE OF NO GOD, by H. M. Long

Book cover for TEMPLE OF NO GOOD: title in white on a purple both with an orange background

The sequel to HALL OF SMOKE, TEMPLE OF NO GOD is the first of the three companion books set in the same world. This book follows Hessa again, in the aftermath of her adventures – so is more of a sequel (but it apparently can be read as a standalone.)

I really liked this Norse-esque world and I’m interested to see where Hessa’s story goes next, now she’s defeated gods and travelled through empires. I suspect she won’t take to peace well, so will be glad of whatever disaster takes her away from it.


Book cover for GLORIOUS POISON: title in gold on blue with a skull, potion bottle and hands around edge

The finale to Kat Dunn’s stunning DANGEROUS REMEDY trilogy, GLORIOUS POISON rounds off these romps through Revolution-era France and England. These UKYA books are fast paced, full of twists and turns, and so hard to put down!

Betrayals, a group of people thrown together by the revolution (but who wouldn’t rub shoulders otherwise), and magic on the edge of science – I’m both excited and sad for this last book. I’m also quite curious as to whether this book will pay homage to a classic as well.


Another UKYA fantasy trilogy is coming to an end this year, Holly Race’s MIDNIGHT’S TWINS will close with A MIDNIGHT DARK AND GOLDEN. This series is a contemporary fantasy set in London with a portal fantasy element that takes Fern and her twin Ollie into the realm of dreams.

A right-wing, populist politician is manipulating dreams to rise to power, monsters stalk the dream realm that will kill you in real life too, and there is a really new, inventive take on Arthurian mythology laced through the world. Also, Holly is known for murdering pretty much all your favourite characters with her high body counts.

6. FIRESONG, by Vashti Hardy

Book cover for FIRESONG: title in black on a skyship balloon on orange skies and a fire bear on dark rocks

Next year is a stunner for UKMG (there are no fewer than 14 already on my radar), and one of them is FIRESONG, the finale to the BRIGHTSTORM trilogy (it really is a year for UK-authored trilogies coming to a close!)

I love the STEM focus in Vashti Hardy’s book, and this series is one of exploration, with skyships carrying the Brightstorm siblings (and their crewmates) around the world on adventures to map new places. They discovered an entire new (-to-their-people) continent last time, so I wonder how that can be topped this time.

5. RIVALS ON THE TRACK, by Annelise Gray

Book cover for RIVALS ON THE TRACK: title in black on green above dark horses racing in a red roman stadium

The sequel to one of the most impressive debuts of 2021 (RACE TO THE DEATH), RIVALS ON THE TRACK takes us back to the world of Ancient Roman. This series, written by a Latin teacher (which shows in the familiarity of world), focuses on the dangerous and often political world of chariot racing in this UKMG.

I loved the historical details and incredible pacing of the first book – it was so immersive. I can’t wait to see Dido’s further adventures as she takes on rival racing teams – and a corrupt emperor.

4. THE STARDUST THIEF, by Chelsea Abdullah

Book cover for THE STARDUST THIEF: title in black on textured white with fire-surrounded gold medalion

Another adult fantasy debut, THE STARDUST THIEF is the first in this Thousand and One Nights-inspired trilogy about a smuggler hunting illegal magic to sell who crosses paths with a prince. Unfortunately, saving his life lands the smuggler in the sights of the Sultan, who blackmails her into finding a powerful magic lamp.

It sounds like a romp of an adventure filled with the potential for betrayal and dastardly plans, with a misfit cast who’ll have a brilliant dynamic. May can’t come soon enough with this book!

3. A RIVER ENCHANTED, by Rebecca Ross

Book cover for A RIVER ENCHANTED: title in white in a blue paper-cut esque river with purple flowers around it

Rebecca Ross (author of THE QUEEN’S RISING) steps into the adult sphere with A RIVER ENCHANTED. I’ve loved her YA books, so can’t wait to see where she goes with this adult debut about childhood enemies forced to work together as girls start to go missing from their home.

This book is set in a Scottish-inspired world, and the opening chapters in the sampler promises lush prose in Ross’ signature slower pacing. Magic and mythology looks to be woven into the land itself, which is a type of world building I love.

2. SABOTAGE ON THE SOLAR EXPRESS, by M. G. Leonard and Sam Sedgman

Book cover for SABOTAGE ON THE SOLAR EXPRESS: title in silver on a red train barrelling through an orangey desert

The fifth instalment in this UKMG contemporary mystery series Adventures on Trains, SABOTAGE ON THE SOLAR EXPRESS sees Hal and his Uncle Nat head to Australia where the first solar train is being tried out.

I have loved this Agatha Christie’s MURDER ON THE ORIENT EXPRESS but in the modern day and for children series over the past two years. The mysteries are so much fun and the illustrations really add to the story. I am hoping for many more books to come in this series!

1. TWIN CROWNS by Katherine Webber and Catherine Doyle

TWIN CROWNS is a YA collaboration between two authors whose MG fantasies I’ve read and loved (both have written YA solo, but I haven’t actually picked any of that up yet.) It’s a tale of separated princesses, one raised by witches who want to topple the crown and one raised to be queen. And then the witch steals the princess’ throne.

Everything I’ve seen about this book promises to be a fast paced, whirlwind of an adventure, full of stolen identities, magic, and adventure (and romance.)

What books are you looking forward to?

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