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This is a tag I saw going around twitter, so thought I’d hop on and have a go at it! It was created by Book Princess Reviews, and for more details, check out their blog.

Author Line Up: Three Authors You’d Like to Meet

I’ve been really lucky to meet a lot of my favourite authors, as I live in London and most authors who come to the UK come here, so there’s a lot of authors I’ve love to meet again, but they’re not on this list!

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I would love to meet Rae Carson, the author of FIRE AND THORNS trilogy (among other books). THE CROWN OF EMBERS remains my favourite book of all time despite strong contenders over the years. If I met her, I’d probably just gush over those books, the world, the characters, and the inspiration. I don’t know how much of a coherent conversation I could hold, but I’ve managed it before so I could pull that off again, right?

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Similarly, I love Sara Raasch’s THESE REBEL WAVES (and have been meaning to re-read her debut trilogy SNOW LIKE ASHES for a few years), and would love to talk about those books with her. Sara Raasch writes what I’d consider younger YA, in a market targeted at older, and I’d love to know how different it is trying to craft those sorts of books in a market that doesn’t favour it. She’s also very open about mental health and creating, which could be a very useful conversation to have about balancing the two, and how to write and create on deadlines when it’s a struggle.

I’d also love to meet Danielle L. Jensen. She’s a new author to me last year, but I fell in love with her DARK SHORES and THE BRIDGE KINGDOM books. I also have so many world building questions, as well about balancing self-publishing and traditional publishing. From what I can tell, she’s had quite the journey as an author, and I think that would be a fascinating conversation to have.

The Official Schedule: How do you Determine which Books to Read Next?

I’m a list kinda gal, be it a mental one or a physical one. I’ve been doing monthly TBRs based off readathons for the past two months, but have now transitioned back to just reading through my unread books – which is my normal way of doing it.

I work out the in-month order by prioritising books lent to me and ARCs, then series with sequels releasing soon (I re-read), and then the rest is a mix of whatever I feel like most of the list and alphabetical.

I tried doing a TBR pot a while back, but it didn’t take into the fact that I am a semi-mood reader (within an established list!), and sometimes I just want to read all the Middle Grade, or all the sea-books left on my shelves.

ARC Drop: What Books would you Wait Hours in line for?

Book cover for BRIGHT RAVEN SKIES: title in white above a girl in a dress looking over the sea with an orange sky

The accessibility of ARC drops aside, I would love to read BRIGHT RAVEN SKIES, by Kristina Pérez. It’s the finale to her SWEET BLACK WAVES trilogy, coming out in August and I am so excited for this book. It’s probably my most anticipated release for the second half of this year!

I devoured the first two last August and have been forcing myself to hold off re-reading the trilogy until just before the final book releases, as I want to binge the trilogy in one go. I am ready for my heart to be ripped out, and I can’t wait to see how it ends (I’ve also been avoiding reading the original legend, because I don’t want any spoilers! It’s somehow a famous tragedy I don’t know, and I’m trying to keep it that way!)

The Swag: What Bookish Merch/Pre-order Incentives/etc. is your Favourite?

I like pin badges! I put pre-order pin badges on my handbag strap, and it’s sparked convos with friends and strangers alike.

The Panels: What Topic would you Love to see some of your Favourite Authors talk about?

I love world building and research and process, so it would be a very geeky panel, but I’d love something like V.E. Schwab’s No Write Way series.

Yallfest, Yallwest, BookCon/BookExpo, YALC, Etc.: What Book Festival/con would you go to if you had the Choice?

I’m missing out on YALC this year and I’m sad about that, but if I had a magic ticket to get to any, then one of the big US ones – I don’t know much about them as I’ve never thought I’d get to go – but a big US one where there are all these authors would be so much fun!

Tagging anyone who wants to join in!

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