Journey to a Polished Manuscript: June – Self Care (RewriteItClub)

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This year, RewriteItClub are doing a monthly series on writing a book, and I’m joining in with my adult political fantasy. To find out more about RewriteItClub’s series click here, or to see this month’s post, click here.

I deeply appreciate the irony of this being the topic for the month, given I spent the first week of the month facing a minor burnout. I’d spent May manically trying to juggle exams and a normal month’s editing as well as keeping my blog going. I managed it, but probably shouldn’t have.

There are no exercises or prompts this month, as the whole point is to take some time away. The tips recommended are:

  1. Read Widely and Diversely
  2. Spring Clean Social Media Accounts
  3. Spring Clean Agent Database
  4. Look back at your work and see not only what mistakes not to repeat, but also how far you’ve come
  5. Take time to sleep, eat, etc

But what if you’re on a deadline and can’t take a month off? How do you practice self-care when you need to keep your nose to the grindstone? This is very much the situation I’m in right now, and these are the tips I’m going to try for the next two months:

  • Be aware of how you’re feeling. If you’re getting tired, go to bed/take a break. Better to get it done well the first time when you’re awake then spend ages fixing it later.
  • Be kind to yourself and give leeway. I’ve built “blank space” into my schedule so that I have a few weeks at the end that can make up any lost time, and just knowing that it’s there has taken some pressure off.
  • Balance the work with things you enjoy. Read!
  • Reduce Social Media time – it’s a massive procrastinator for me!
  • Get others to check in on you, because otherwise the work can push all thoughts of self-care away.

I hope that these tips help me and others these next few months

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