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Another great tag from Beth (BooksNest), all about the assumptions we make about books based on their covers. I know I am so guilty of this. Though, in my defence, book covers are designed to make up pick them up and give us an idea what’s going to be between the pages.

I asked friends through various Social Medias to send me random book covers to judge. Here are four of them, and I’m going to guess what I think they’re about – no holds barred. I am VERY opinionated about covers and prejudiced against certain genres, and I’m going to let that come right out.

Then, because I’m a curious bean, I’m going to pop over to Goodreads and see what they’re really about and how close to the mark I was.

If you want more details on the tag, please follow the link above to Beth’s blog where she explains it all far better than I could.

1. FAMILY TREE, by Sheri S. Tepper

book tag judge a book cover from beth booksnest.jpg

With a title like that, it’s going to be about a family, maybe a sordid secret passed down. Based off the animals, though, I’m thinking it’s more likely a shape shifting ability – or even curse. Something about it says adult – maybe the way the creatures in the spiral are eating one another?

It also look like a hastily slapped together cover. It’s not particularly crisp and the colour balance makes it even harder to pick things out. I would not pick it up in a bookshop.

So what does Goodreads say?

It’s a contemporary, urban (ish) fantasy mystery. A cop tries to solve murders as nature fights back and reclaims the city. Wow, would not have guessed that from the cover – or title!

2. PLAYING WITH DEMONS, by Cally Edwards

book tag judge a book cover from lorraine geeky galaxy.jpg

I have a LOT more ideas about this one. It’s a paranormal romance. Girl in a tank top facing out the page, hair loose and haloed with light? Guy standing behind her in a t-shirt? Plus the title? Paranormal romance ALL the way.

She’s probably a demon hunter, at this spooky castle to hunt a demon, all the while attracted to the dark and brooding guy who lives there. Guess what? He’s a demon!

Would I read this? Nope. 1 – paranormal. 2 – romance, probably with angst.

What about Goodreads?

It’s a paranormal romance (NA/adult – apparently sex scenes). The main girl is half angel, half demon Nephilim, who has to undergo trials to get a weapon from hell. and while there, she gets romantically entangled with the prince of hell – a very sexy prince of hell, the synopsis assures me.


book tag judge a book cover from anji.jpg

love this cover. It’s blue, and it’s illustrated and so gorgeous. It would certainly be a book I picked up off a table in Waterstones if I saw it.

I think it’s a Middle Grade, because of the illustration type. Two kids – either friends or siblings – go on a hunt either to prove that unicorns are real, or to stop someone/an organisation killing the unicorns/destroying their home. If the first is true, then they’ll end up needing to protect the unicorns by the end.

Would I read this? Most likely! I want to find out about it now and see if I can get my mitts on it.

Having looked at the Goodreads, I was pretty spot on – two friends are on a camp in Scotland when they discover that unicorns are real, but in danger. They must protect them from poaching and rescue captive unicorns, taking them to a secret forest before it’s too late.

Um, this book is about to be published? I need to read my other books quick-like so I can pick this one up!

4. JUST BREATHE, by Cammie McGoven

book tag judge a book cover from olivia stagely bookish.jpg

My gut reaction with this book was that it was a self-help book. Methods for coping with anxiety and how to make plans and goals for the future. It looks like the sort of minimalist cover and encouraging tagline you get on those books.

However, when I googled the title to find an image that was compatible with WordPress, I discovered it was a novel thanks to the google box that comes up with the title and then “novel by Cammie McGoven”.

So, uh, a novel. RIGHT. A contemporary, for sure. Possibly the main character has anxiety and folding origami helps? Honestly, no clue, but if it’s a contemporary the chances of me reading it would be low.

Now to Goodreads (crickey, there’s a lot of books with this title).

Alright, it’s a about two boys – one with cystic fibrosis and the other with depression. Their friendship becomes love, but don’t say anything – but time is running out. (Sorry, it’s a short description on GR). So something a bit like THE FAULT IN OUR STARS?

I Tag Lorraine from Geeky Galaxy – and anyone else who wants to take part.


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