Book Tag: Build you own fictional Christmas Squad

Title in white on book pages

Another book tag recommended by Lorraine (Geeky Galaxy). This one was created by Beth (BooksNest) and Lauren (Fiction Tea). The full instructions can be found here, but the gist is to create a bookish team, and I’m going to restrict myself to characters from books I’ve read for the first time this year. Again, I’ll be tagging anyone who wants to join in!

The Gift Giver

Sweet Black Waves

Branwen, the main character from Kristina Perez‘s Sweet Black Waves trilogy, would go more than the extra mile to work out the best presents for all her loved ones. It would take her weeks, and she’d be very secretive about it when she was researching and buying the absolutely perfect gift.

As shown in SWEET BLACK WAVES, and even more so in WILD SAVAGE STARS, her best intentions and efforts may go awry, but she’d at least be trying to get everyone what they want.

The Scrooge

Book cover for THE WICKED KIN: a crown falling into water

Jude Duarte from the Folk of the Air trilogy by Holly Black would be sitting on the edge of the celebrations with a frown-slash-death-glare as she watched the partyers, particularly Cardan downing wine with abandon. While everyone was partying with wild abandon, she’d be working out how to turn all the mishaps and conversations to her own benefit.

If she did get dragged into the revels, like she was in THE WICKED KING, she’d be storing up that violation to pay it back in kind. Probably in a list written in blood

The Tree Decorator

Simon Snow from CARRY ON by Rainbow Rowell would be racing up into the loft to fetch every decoration, trying to load the tree with all of them as he teeters on a ladder to set the star on top.

It would ultimately look like an explosion of colours, and you wouldn’t be able to see the tree at all. Not to mention that the lights would be on the most manic setting. But the tree would be decorated and he’d be beaming so much as he did it that you wouldn’t have the heart to correct him.

The Excitable Christmas Enthusiast

Similar to above, Prince Seb from ROYALS/PRINCE CHARMING by Rachel Hawkins would be bouncing off the walls with excitement, waiting for the minute the second hand ticked past midnight on November 30th.

Once that all important moment has passed, you’ll find hims throwing tinsel over the paintings – much to the staff’s disapproval – and belting out carols (off key) with his friends. Not to mention the variety of festive alcohol he can sample throughout the season.

The Games Master

book cover fore AMERICAN ROYALS: painted head of a girl in sunglasses, with a crown ring on her finger

This one is easy – Princess Samantha from AMERICAN ROYALS by Katherine McGee is the person who will wrangle or wheedle (whichever works best) control of the games every single year.

The games will be chaotic and probably half the rules will change on a whim, but her smile will be so bright, there will be no lasting protest. They’ll be fun no matter what – even if Sam manages to miraculously win every round. There’ll be laughter and wild abandon, and endless choices of games to choose.

The One Who’s Been in their Pyjamas All Day

Evangeline Samos will not get out of her pyjamas unless she has to. She doesn’t even want to be a part of this party, so she is going to make her displeasure CLEAR>

The prickly metal-bending princess from Victoria Aveyard‘s Red Queen series even before she got a POV in KING’S CAGE. Half the reason she’s not changing is because she likes her Christmas PJs, and thinks her metal bracelet goes particularly well with the silvery snowflakes swirling across the fabric.

The One Who Dressed up as Santa

Book cover for THE PAPER AND HEARTS SOCIETY: title on yellow above a girl reading on a bench

Oliva from THE PAPER & HEARTS SOCIETY by Lucy Powrie would humm and harr about dressing up for a long while. Perhaps one of the boys look better with the beard? The costume is a little long…

Then she’d decide that she’s going to do it anyway – there are alterations that can be made so it fits better. Who says Santa needs a beard anyway? And the others can dress up as elves and help her distribute presents if they want to join in. In fact, she might force them to do it.

Who would you invite?

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