Top Ten Tuesday: December TBR

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly mean, hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl. Everyone is welcome to join in the fun.

It’s been a while since I did a weekly meme! I’ve changed this week’s prompt a little – it was Winter TBR, but I can’t think as far ahead as three months with my reading, so I’m just going to talk about what I want to read this month.

Having got home from Uni, I discovered just how many unread books were on my shelves. This holiday, I want to read as many as possible and I’m going to prioritise the hardbacks as I can’t easily carry them back to university unlike the paperbacks. These are all decently chunky books, so I’ve got my work cut out for me to read all of these within a month!

1. The Gold Seer Trilogy, by Rae Carson

walk on earth a stranger

I read and loved the first book, WALK ON EARTH A STRANGER, at the start of the year but haven’t had a chance to read the other books this year. It seems very cyclic and fitting to end the year reading this series. Since drafting this post earlier this month, I’ve binged the entire series – and it was well worth doing.

It’s historical fiction with a fantasy bent, set in the Californian gold rush. Lee can sense gold, and flees west to avoid the uncle who would exploit her ability to enrich himself. It’s gorgeously written and brought a period of history we don’t get taught about to life. I loved the world and characters, and the way that nature was the main opponent for Lee as she travels.

2. The Empirium Trilogy, by Claire Legrand


I also read the first book of this trilogy, FURYBORN, at the beginning of the year. I was rather disappointed that the negative arc implied by the blurb and introduction didn’t happen in this book (I love it when characters go evil!)

However, I am intrigued enough by the hype and premise to keep going – and hoping that Eliana goes evil in the next book. I picked up the second book at YALC this summer, so I’m hoping that reading these two books back-to-back endears me to the series more. Not to mention one story line has elemental magic!

3. SAWKILL GIRLS by Claire Legrand

sawkill girls

Another Claire Legrand book, and another YALC acquisition (quite a few books on this list are). Unlike the rest of this list, it’s not SFF. I’m told it has some horror vibes to it, but mainly it’s a thriller – which is why I picked it up. I’m excited for that mix, and the three girls whose story this is. I love female friendships and a slightly creepy, atmospheric books sounds perfect for winter.

A friend who also picked the book up at YALC read it and loved it, so I have high hopes. Fingers crossed it holds up to them.

4. WICKED SAINTS, by Emily A. Duncan

wicked saints.jpg

I have heard very mixed reviews about this book, so I’m curious to see which side I fall on. It sounds like a dark glittering book – I’m hoping it’s a fantasy with the same sort of vibe as VICIOUS (V.E. Schwab). But it’s also garnered a lot of criticism and been described as some as unimaginative.

Morally grey characters, Russian-esque world and twisted mythology – three things that sound amazing put together, not to mention the sleeve is a really nice texture. It’s the thinnest spine of the books, as far as I can tell, so I’m hoping it’s a relatively quick read.

5. THE ANTIDOTE, by Shelley Sackier

the antidote

Yet another YALC purchase (the stalls there are amazing, but terrible for wallet and TBR!). This is one I bought largely on cover and blurb, because I’ve heard nothing about it all. Hopefully that’s not a sign about what’s inside.

The main character has forbidden healing magic she uses to save her friend the prince – and then faces the consequences as well as uncovering secrets. One of the few books on this list under 400 pages, this sounds promising and I hope it is as pretty as the cover. Plus a shorter read might be useful for pacing myself!

6. AN AFFAIR OF POISONS, by Addie Thorley

The final YALC book on this list, this one I have heard a bit about. Set in a magical version of pre-revolution France when the excess of Louis XIV’s court glittered, the setting alone was enough to intrigue me.

The main character’s mother is part of a society out to end the king – and she accidentally helps poison him. Caught up in the consequences of treason and tangled with the Sun King’s illegitimate children, I’m excited for this book. The French court of the 1700s is such a fun setting for intrigue and glittering facades.

7. THE CRUEL STARS, by John Birmingham

the cruel stars.jpg

This book was sent to me by Head of Zeus publishers, but I haven’t had a chance to read it yet.

This looks like a military sci-fi, full of epic space battles and overwhelming odds. An old enemy returns and earth scrambles to react. A cast of eclectic characters are thrown together to defeat them in the start of this trilogy.

I’ve hardly read any sci-fi this year, most of it superheroes of YA space opera. Sci-fi and I have a rocky relationship, but I want to crush that. The cover is lovely, so fingers crossed for the inside!

8. QUEEN OF COIN AND WHISPERS, by Helen Corcoran

The only non-hardback (ahaha, why not just say paperback?!) on this list, this is an ARC sent to me by the publisher (O’Brien press). Samantha Shannon has been talking about it on twitter, and it sounds intriguing so I was very happy to get an ARC of this Irish debut. It is due out in March.

It’s a political fantasy that sounds incredible. It involves economics and taxes, and I’m nerdy like that. An idealistic girl inherits the throne of a corrupt kingdom, and tries to turn things around. What could possibly go wrong?

9. GIDEON THE NINTH, by Tamsyn Muir

gideon the ninth

I’ve heard so much about this book, so there’s a lot of hype for it to live up to! GIDEON THE NINTH is a sci-fi fantasy blend of necromancy in space, with two characters who dislike each other forced together (cue the romance).

It doesn’t sound 100% my sort of thing, because of the focus on death and romance. I’m a bit worried it will glorify death or trivialise it. However, I read the first chapter in the shop and liked the writing style enough to read it, so I think there’s a good chance I’ll like this one.

10. THE SOLAR WAR, by A.G. Riddle

the solar war.jpg

THE SOLAR WAR is another book Head of Zeus sent me in the summer, just as my slump was at its worst. It’s the second book in a trilogy, so I’m hoping my local library has a copy of the first else I can’t really read it.

It’s another sci-fi epic, but I don’t really want to read the blurb until I’ve read the first book in case of spoilers! So I have absolutely no idea what to expect! If I enjoy THE CRUEL STARS, this will mean I have another sci-fi to dive into should my appetite of space opera be whetted.

What books are you hoping to read this month/season? Have you read any of these books? What did you think of them?

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