5 Books to Read on Bonfire Night

Title against a firework

Remember, remember the fifth of November, gunpowder and plot. I can think of not reason why these books about treason should ever be forgot.

Cheesy rhymes aside, Bonfire Night is the perfect time to curl up with a book. It’s dark outside, and cold here. If fireworks aren’t your thing (or you’re rather watch them through the window!) why not curl up with a book about treason, royalty and high stakes?

1. GIRLS OF PAPER AND FIRE, by Natasha Ngan

Book cover for GIRLS OF PAPER AND FIRE: a girl stares out, her hair blown across her faceGirls fighting the patriarchy to take down an evil King, treason abounding. What’s not to love about GIRLS OF PAPER AND FIRE? Not to mention the finale is set at an outdoor party, with torches flaming and even fireworks.

Natasha Ngan’s sparkling story about power and love and how far we’ll go to safeguard our freedoms – and that of others – is perfect for a night commemorating a failed attempt to rid the country of an unpopular king. To make matters even better, the sequel, GIRLS OF SHADOW AND STORM, comes out on Bonfire Night itself.

2. AMERICAN ROYALS, by Katherine McGee

book cover fore AMERICAN ROYALS: painted head of a girl in sunglasses, with a crown ring on her finger

All’s fair in love and war, right?

Royalty abounds in this glittering alternative universe America, where George Washington became King after the War of Independence. The four women of AMERICAN ROYALS are going to shake the establishment to its core with their actions, desires and mistakes. the book doesn’t exactly contain treason per say, though no doubt there are characters who think half the events of the book should be called treason

3. THE TETHERED MAGE, by Melissa Caruso

Book cover for THE TETHERED MAGE: A blue outline of a flacon on a yellow background, with the image of a girl inside the body.Treason around every corner and a city in open rebellion. Dangerous fire magic. A young woman trying to find her place in the intrigues of the empire and the shadow of her politically ruthless mother.

THE TETHERED MAGE is perfect for Bonfire Night, with two sequels that only get better. What could be more like the gunpowder plot than a character who could set a city on fire (and threatens to do so)?

And yes, I was going to slip this one in somewhere!

Book cover for EMPIRE OF SAME: an ivory hilt, encgraved curved blade against a textured red background.4. EMPIRE OF SAND, by Tasha Suri

This critically acclaimed debut is stunningly written. It’s such a unique book, unlike anything else I’e read this year. Family, love and defiance in the face of an overwhelming evil – a god. A magic system that’s based on dancing, and a world based on Medieval India.

The writing it as stunning as the plot, which celebrates the quiet strength of its lead, and how that can be as powerful to topple tyrants as brute force.

5. THE PRIORY OF THE ORANGE TREE, by Samantha Shannon

Book cover for THE PRIORY OF THE ORANGE TREE: A roaring blue dragon wrapped around a crumbling tower.I feel like I’ve hardly talked about this book, even though I adore it. Though, you may need longer than one night to read this behemoth of a book.

DRAGONS, which threaten the end of the (richly drawn) world. But it’s more than a dragon book. There’s scheming, twist and turns, and many, many instances of having to choose between heart (often meaning treason) and duty.

Did I mention the dragons?

What books would you recommend as Bonfire Night reading?

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