Fantasy Tropes Readathon

Fantasy tropes readathon.png

This Autumn, I’m setting myself a reading challenge.

I love fantasy, and it’s my go-to genre. I’ve felt really snowed under this summer with my reading, trying to fit all sorts of books in. Too many books too little time and all that. Plus a job and other stresses. I realised this morning that I have 4 e-books I have to read in under a month, when it usually takes me 2 weeks to read an ebook. Cue more stress.

So I want to give myself the chance to simply relax and read what I love most. A chance to reread favourites and take reading at my own pace as I return to uni for my second year.

I also love tropes, particularly new or clever spins on old tropes. Therefore, I’m going to see how many of the tropes below (a combination of my favourtie and least favourite) I can read in the next three months (September to November).

If you want to join me, please do!

Which tropes are your favourite/least favourite?

Fantasy Bingo.png

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