Bookish Name Tag

The title "Bookish Name Tag" written across a graphic of book spines

What’s in a name? Juliet famously asks in Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet.

Quite a bit, in fact. My name, Sifa, is Swahili and means praise – but it’s so much more than that. It’s a nerdy, bookish girl who avoids tea and coffee, loves the colour blue and will babble fantasy, history, science or all three for hours.

Why not add another meaning to our names? We all love books, so let’s give our names a Bookish flavour.

The rules of this tag are simple:

  • Recommend books based off the letters of your name. It can be your whole name, or a nickname. You can include a and/or the as you wish.
  • Tag some people and see what books they recommend you read.

And that’s it! Be sure to check out their recommendations and feed that TBR monster. Who cares if it falls over and crushes us, right?

If you want to use my attempt at a graphic, feel free (but link back to me, please!)

I thought this would be very easy, seeing how I have a nice, short name. Four letters? How hard could this be? Pretty difficult, as it turns out. I have two very common letters (S and A) which made picking books a nightmare. On the other end of the scale, I and F don’t seem to be common title starters.

“S” is for: STATE OF SORROW, by Melinda Salisbury

Book cover for STATE OF SORROW: title in white on blue water

This was by far the easiest choice of the four. One of my favourite reads last year, and one of my favourite books ever, STATE OF SORROW is a book I won’t shut up about any time soon.

It’s such a unique book. The eponymous Sorrow must fight an election all the while searching for the truth of a painful event that’s cripple her country. But is the truth something she wants to know? Or will it destroy everything she’s worked for?

I love the writing, which has all of Melinda Salisbury’s signature lyricism. The mystery slowly unfolding is intriguing. I highly recommend everyone picks this up.

“I” is for: I AM MALALA, by Malala Yousafzai

Book cover for I AM MALALA, featuring her face

The hardest letter to pick by far, only resolved through a goodreads scroll. However, upon remembering this book, it was a bit of a duh moment (and then a why haven’t I read this in over three years?).

I’m not much of a non-fiction reader, and will usually reach for history or science before autobiographies. However, this beautifully written book opens a window onto a corner of the world I have never seen portrayed as anything other than a war zone.

Her account of her life is so honest I was in tears throughout, and an incredible tale of courage and conviction. Malala is probably the member of my generation who will be remembered longest, but there’s so much more to her story than I realised – and has been reported.

“F” is for: THE FANDOM, by Anna Day

Book cover for THE FANDOM, with the title and author name (Anna Day) in front of thorns

A bookworm’s dream – to enter the world of their favourite book – turns into a nightmare when the main character dies and Violet must take her place. Keep the story on track, and escape, but why is the world so much different to that of the book? And why does a certain side character keep popping up whenever Violet needs to woo the romantic lead?

I loved THE FANDOM when I read it earlier this year, and it convinced me that I would be terrible in any book world. The concept is so much fun, as are the consequences of entering a beloved world, only to find out how very different it is from your imaginings.

I’m now very excited to read the sequel, THE FANDOM RISING, which I only found out was happening a month ago. It’s on my bookshelf now, waiting for me to finish the last few books on my TBR.

“A” is for: ASH PRINCESS, by Laura Sebastian

Book cover for ASH PRINCESS featuring flames in the shape of a crown surrounded by ash

I devoured ASH PRINCESS, and its sequel LADY SMOKE, in a matter of days. It’s fast-paced, full of action, romance and intrigue (which is always bonus points from me!)

Theo’s country was conquered, her mother murdered in front of her. Now, ten years on, she’s a prisoner at the mercy of the Kaiser’s cruel whims. But when an old friend arrives, Theo’s given the chance to fight back and reclaim her home.

The finale, EMBER QUEEN, comes out next year, so why not binge your way through the first two books now?

I’m specifically tagging Emily (A Short Book Lover) – and can’t wait to see what books she recommends! However, I’m also tagging you, if you want to take part. Tell me what books you love.

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