July 2019 Round-up

July 2019 round-up.png

This month hasn’t been such a good reading month for me. Only 12 books, which for me is a real drop. What with it being the holidays, I expected to read a lot more. However, I started a new job and really struggled to balance that at first (part of the reason why blogging suffered). I’ve also really been fighting an feeling of being overwhelmed with my writing/edits, which has sapped by enthusiasm for books.

Luckily, the second half of the month was bookishly amazing thanks to YALC (round up to come) and a buddy read with Planet Beth. At points, I was clinging to those things to get on with the month.

I don’t feel I have enough to say this month for a usual wrap up, as I’ve read so little, so this won’t be the same as most months.

The buddy read (HEART OF IRON) was my first, and so much fun! The book was great, and reading with someone is a very different experience. You can send !!!! messages, and know they’ll understand. You squeal and fangirl and really discuss the book. It certainly made the reading experience even better.

We’re going to buddy read the sequel (SOUL OF STARS), so if you’re interested, we’ll be announcing the when and hows on Twitter very soon. It will probably be the second week of August. We’d love to read with even more people, so please do join in!

Soul of Stars Buddy Read.png

I also got to return to some old favourites, from A DARKER SHADE OF MAGIC, to THE PAIN MERCHANTS. I loved returning to this worlds, particularly my childhood favourite THE PAIN MERCHANTS.

My TBR is utterly piling up, so I’m going to dive into that this coming month, though I am excited for the UK releases of WE HUNT THE FLAME and SEAFIRE. I’ve heard so much about WHTF, and I’m feeling like a pirate-y sea book binge in the run up to THESE DIVIDED SHORES in September.

I’m hoping next month is better, and am looking forwards to a camping holiday where, among other things, I can simply read for a while.

How was your July?

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