One Year Blogiversary and Giveaway!

Title (One Year Blogiversary and Giveaway) in front of a picture of people throwing confettiSitting here to write this post is just surreal. Can you believe I’ve been sharing my bookish opinions for almost a year now?

Honestly, when I started this blog a year ago, I thought it was going to bomb and no one would care. I’d be one more voice in the crowd. Part of me truly believed I’d give up in months. But no, here I am celebrating ONE year.

I’ve found my voice, I think, and possibly a study-blog balance. I’m a little shaky right now, but even though the balance is currently tipped away from blogging, I’m eager to get back into it. I have plans and books to read!

I’m planning a fantasy reading challenge for autumn (details to come next month!). Publishers are trusting me with ARCs, and I’ve even started getting some in the post. I thought it would take years to get to that stage, if it all. I’ve been part of a few blog tours, and have a few to come.

In December, my goals for the year included 100 reviews (already surpased that) and to reach 100 followers by the end of the year. A complete shot in the dark, I thought. NOPE. I’m almost at 200 right now. How are there that many people who think I have something important to say?

Than you to all of you. I wouldn’t still be around without your support.

The community has utterly blown me away. That is by far and large the best part of being a blogger. I’ve yet to find my bookish community at uni, and having this blog and the people I’ve found through it have been a saving grace this year. Everyone is so much kinder than you think, and the joys of being able to nerd out over books is incredible.

In particular, there’s one group to single out; the lovely ladies (and few gents) of the UKYA bloggers group. I’m so excited to meet you all in person this weekend at YALC! They have been the absolute best, a rock when things have got tough juggling uni and the blog. No question is too ridiculous (I am trying) and no advice held back.

So here I am, one year in, and looking forwards to the next.


Let’s face it, this was probably why you clicked on the post. (Hey, I don’t mind!). I’ll stop waffling now about my year, and tell you about the giveaway.

One Year blogiversary giveaway

As you might have worked out, I’m a big fan of political fantasy. Give me schemes over big battles any day. I want to indoctrinate more people into my favourite genre, so I’m going to be giving away the first book from one of my favourite series. I’v picked my top five series, a mix of YA and Adult fantasy.

About the books

(Click on the title to see my full review)


fire and thorns

Elisa was chosen by God but is far from anyone’s idea of a hero, preferring books and food. Shipped off in marriage, danger dogs her footsteps as war approaches. She must become the hero her people need, but not even ancient prophecies can explain the mind of God.

adore this series, and its spin on the chosen one. The world is amazing, the series contains the closest I have ever come to a fictional crush and the emotional feels are something else.


the tethered mageWhen bookish Amalia, heir to one of the most powerful women in the empire, slips a power-controlling jess onto a fire warlock she finds herself caught between the doge, army and her mother. As noble children go missing, threatening the empire’s safety, coming to an accord with the now-captured warlock is her only hope.

The schemes in this book are the twistiest ever, with surprise after surprise, all in a Venetian inspire world with the creepiest series villain ever.

THE CITY OF BRASS, S. A. Chakraborty

the city of brassNahri’s life as a con-woman in 18th century Cairo has taught her that tales of the supernatural are nothing more than tricks. But, when she accidentally summons a djinn during a con, her life is turned upside down and she’s thrust into the centre of machinations in the magical city of Daevabad.

It’s hard to think of a book that screams political fantasy more than this richly drawn Islamic fantasy. Be ready to read this in one sitting, and with all your attention to riddle out the many twists and turns.


these rebel waves

The island of Grace Loray won back its freedom from Agrid a decade ago, but the abduction of an Agridian diplomat in the middle of peace talks threatens the island’s future. A rebel, a pirate and a prince race to discover the island’s secrets before it’s too late, but is the truth more than they can bear?

Botanical magic! Pirates on steamships along rivers! Need I say any more?

STATE OF SORROW, Melinda Salisbury

Cover for STATE OF SORROW by Melinda Salisbury. Pond background with lilies pads at the bottom. The title is in the centre, with ripples radiating from the O in SORROW

A UKYA (whoop whoop) where teenager Sorrow rules in her grief-struck father’s place. His grief has brought the country into destitution, and Sorrow is the symbol of its woe. When he dies, triggering an election, Sorrow must fight for her right to rule – though a dangerous secret could cost her everything.

Melinda Salisbury can always be counted upon for lush writing and worlds that feel just beyond our own.


To enter:

  1. Follow my blog
  2. Follow me on twitter
  3. Retweet this tweet and comment with proof that you follow my blog


I’ll choose the winner on 25/08/19 (though, knowing me, it might be a day or two later!) and DM them through twitter.

Is it international? Yes – so long as Book Depository ships to you.

Are other books possible? Nope, I’ve picked my five favourites for a reason, and I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

What about later books in the series? The purpose of the giveaway is to introduce new readers to my favourite series so I’m limiting myself to these books.

Can I pick the edition? No – the pictured editions are the ones I’m going to send – the UK editions (with the exception of THESE REBEL WAVES which doesn’t have a UK edition). I’m biased and think these editions are the prettiest. They’re also the ones I read. Some (STATE OF SORROW and THE TETHERED MAGE) are identical to the US edition, but just in UK size.

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