Top Ten Tuesday: Auto-buy Authors

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Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly mean, hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl. Everyone is welcome to join in the fun.

This week’s prompt is tricky, to say the least. Auto-buy authors? I’ve never really thought about it before. I read a lot of series and many of my current reads/anticipated are next installments of debut series. Is that auto-buy author, or auto-buy series?

1. V. E./Victoria Schwab

city of ghosts

This was the easiest entry by a mile. Of her impressive catalogue (sixteen books!), I’ve read most of them. This is everything from MG horror (CITY OF GHOSTS) to comics to YA fantasy (THE ARCHIVED) to adult sci-fi (VICIOUS). If she writes it, I’ll read it – which is the true mark of an auto-buy author.

Schwab’s impressive backlist means that there’s something for everyone, and if you’re wondering which book to try first, she has a handy tweet explaining her books.

2. Susan Dennard


I started on Sooz’s second series, the Witchlands. It’s far better known, and acclaimed, than her debut. Epic fantasy full of magic and intrigue – very much my thing. However, her debut series, SOMETHING STRANGE AND DEADLY, didn’t seem much up my alley. Zombie-esque steampunk?

Still, I loved TRUTHWITCH (et al) so much that I tried it, and I really enjoyed it. If I could love such disparate works (not to mention her twitter The Luminaries and Wattpad The Executioners Three), then I’ll read anything she writes.

3. Melinda Salisbury

Book cover for STATE OF SORROW: title in white on blue water

My favourite Melinda Salisbury book, by quite a way, is STATE OF SORROW. I love her other books, with THE SIN EATER’S DAUGHTER my next favourite, but STATE stand head and shoulder above them – so halfway to space.

She has such a lyrical writing style and brings such interesting worlds to life. The subject matter is almost quirky, but certainly unusual. Who’d have thought a teenager fighting an election would be such an engaging book? I can’t wait to hear what she’s writing next, and you can bet I’ll be pre-ordering immediately.

4. Marissa Meyer

Marissa Meyer is tied (on this list) for author I’ve been devouring books from the longest. Between her fairy tale re-imaginings (in dire need of a re-read) and her spin on the superhero genre (RENEGADES), Meyer has a catalogue of fast-paced books that take a different approach to well-loved stories.

She also has a novella, short story collection AND two graphic novel companions for The Lunar Chronicles, so there’s enough reading material to tide you over until her next released.

5. Marie Lu

batman nightwalker

Tied with Marissa Meyer above, Marie Lu’s books cover a range of genres – from dystopia to fantasy antiheroes to sci-fi. That she can keep an audience hooked after all these years and across such a range is testament to her skills as a writer. She’s also got a historical fantasy coming out soon! Her BATMAN: NIGHTWALKER was my favourite of the DC Icons series, and I’m really hoping she gets the chance to write another in Gotham.

I haven’t read her books in a while (I’m waiting on the WILDCARD paperback release as, well, I have a thing against hardbacks in YA), but I’m eyeing them up for a read-a-thon later this year.

6. Leigh Bardugo

Leigh Bardugo, Queen of YA Fantasy, has one of the best loved series out there with her Grishaverse world, which currently has three series in it. She is now expanding into Adult books too with the upcoming THE NINTH HOUSE.

Even though KING OF SCARS fell a little flat for me, I really liked SHADOW AND BONE and loved SIX OF CROWS (as seems to be the way). I’m eager to see where she goes with an adult series and future projects.

7. S. A. Chakraborty

the city of brass

She only has one series out now, but I adore THE CITY OF BRASS (and THE KINGDOM OF COPPER is even better). Magic, politics, characters to die for, and a richly drawn world. What isn’t there to love? I’m so excited for THE EMPIRE OF GOLD to come out, and the UK cover is absolutely stunning.

As soon as she announced the acquisition of her next series, I put it on the to-buy list. I’m now waiting on title, cover and pre-order links. That counts as auto-buy, right?

8. Melissa Caruso

Book cover for THE TETHERED MAGE: A blue outline of a flacon on a yellow background, with the image of a girl inside the body.

Similar to S. A. Chakraborty above, Melissa Caruso only has one series published so far – albeit a series that I utterly love to pieces. Swords and Fire is political fantasy at its very best. It is also the series that made me realise that this is both an actual sub-genre and my favourite one by miles.

However, there is a kind of follow-up series the THE TETHERED MAGE coming out next year. Set in the same world, but over a century later with a whole new cast. I can’t wait to read it!

9. Sara Raasch

these rebel waves

With two series under her belt already, and a co-written one coming out next year, my favourite thing about Raasch’s worlds are the magic systems. Both THESE REBEL WAVES and SNOW LIKE ASHES feature a different take on fantasy’s bread and butter.

I’m interested to see where the magic of SET FIRE TO THE GODS goes, and what a co-written book (with an author I’ve never read) is like. The premise is intriguing, and I was mad for the Ancient Greek and Romans when I was younger, so my (pre) tween self is clamouring for this book.

10. Renee Adhieh

The person to include as the last spot on this list was HARD to think of.

I was wavering over whether to include Renee Adhieh here. I love THE WRATH & THE DAWN, and quite liked FLAME IN THE MIST, but I’m highly uncertain as to whether I’ll read THE BEAUTIFUL. I’m not sure about this new Vampire craze. I was over that well before it became big years ago (I was never really a fan of vampires to begin with.) However, it is Renee, and I’ll probably end up trying it even though I’m on the fence.

Which authors are auto-buy for you?

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