June 2019 Round-Up

Title in front of a selection of books

It’s the end of June already? My first year of uni is done, and now three months of holiday are stretching out before me. Unless I get a much needed job, that’s a lot of reading time. I’m heading back to York today (after a week in London) to move accommodation, so I think I might finish my audio book while unpacking.

After talking about the pressure I was putting on myself to read and write posts everyday, I’m taking a step back. This probably means less posts from me as I try to work out where I want to got with my blog. However, with my one-year anniversary and YALC coming up, I’m planning some posts based on them.

I made a lot of progress reading this month, even if the graphic above doesn’t look like it (someone forgot to take a picture in York before they left). I’ve read 25 books, a mix of new releases and old.

Favourite New Release

Book cover for SORCERY OF THORNS by Margaret Rogerson. Girl with wind-whipped blonde hair holding a ruby-encrusted sword. Thorns climb up her armAbout a month ago, I was approved for an eARC of SORCERY OF THORNS, by Margaret Rogerson, and this month I finally got around to reading it (after publication day, of course). However, by three chapters in, I was so spellbound that I went and bought my own copy.

A librarian main character, magical books that turn into monsters, sorcery and a great group dynamic. Writing as gorgeous as the cover. What’s not to love?

the paper and hearts societyMy second spotlight books was a bit of a surprise. THE PAPER & HEARTS SOCIETY, by Lucy Powrie, was my most anticipated book for June, but only because I couldn’t think of any new releases I wanted to read. I have a rocky history with contemporaries – mostly not particularly enjoying them – so my expectations were low.

I was very surprised by just how much I loved this book. A celebration of bookishness and friendship, while also tackling anxiety and bullying. I was giggling a lot while reading it, and devoured it in almost one sitting.

Favourite Backlist Book

Almost every backlist book I’ve read this month has been a re-read, and the ones that weren’t I didn’t fall head-over-heels in love with. I can’t do my usual save this shout-out for a new-to-me book. However, I have loved returning to old books.

an ember in the ashesI re-read the AN EMBER IN THE ASHES series, by Sabaa Tahir, including what essentially was a first-read of A REAPER AT THE GATES (I was sick the first time I read it). Diving back into this world was great, realising how many schemes there are (yay!) and that Helene is my favourite character by far. Of course, a re-read has also reminded me just how much Sabaa Tahir likes to rip your heart out and destroy her characters. Now I’m eagerly awaiting the fourth and final installment, and hoping it does come out next year. It’s been a bit of a wait, after all.

Most Disappointing Book

I was really struggling to find a book for this. Most of my lower rated books I was expecting to be around 3 stars anyway, so that wasn’t a disappointment.

Book cover for BROKEN THRONE by Victoria Aveyard. A gold crown split down the middle of a sword-like point dripping silver blood, above the title.In the end, I’ve picked BROKEN THRONE, by Victoria Aveyard. It feels a bit inane to pick it, as it was a four star read. However, I finished it feeling like I wanted something more.

Two of the novellas included had already been published in a bind up and parts of the world building information simply rehashed the rest of the series. Having just re-read the entire RED QUEEN series, it lacked a little originality, didn’t feel like it gave me enough extra information or context to justify the hype (or price). Some of the stories hit me right in the feels (I was crying by the end), but I was left not quite satisfied.

Worst Book I’ve Read

Book cover for WHAT SHE FOUND IN THE WOODS. Title taking up most of the space against the silhouettes of a few tall tree trunksI DNF’ed my second book of the year, another eARC. WHAT SHE FOUND IN THE WOODS, by Josephine Angelini, is the second contemporary I’ve read this year that was mis-advertised as a thriller. At twenty-odd percent in, there was hardly any thriller aspects and my two least favourite tropes were employed – insta love and a semi-love triangle.

I’m glad I gave up on it, as I’ve already suffered through one fake-thriller this year. My full review is to come at the end of the year (DNF round-up post)

July Release I’m Most Anticipating

heartstream.jpgMy most anticipated release has already arrived (early). I loved WHITE RABBIT RED WOLF, by Tom Pollock, last year, and I’m so excited for his second book, HEARTSTREAM. I know almost nothing about it, just saw he was publishing his second book and that it was another (action) thriller.

A quick look at the blurb seems to imply it’s about a social media star meeting a far who’s obsession had driven them to an extreme (whirring the house with explosives). Looks like a great introspection about fandom, and hopefully as hard to predict as his debut. It’s sitting on my shelf, a reward when I get back from moving.

How has your reading been this past month?

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