Top Ten Tuesday: Most Anticipated Releases of the Second Half of 2019

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Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly mean, hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl. Everyone is welcome to join in the fun.

This week’s prompt involves the tough challenge of picking a miserly ten books out of the many being released between July and December. The order is simply the release order, mainly because I had trouble picking the order I most wanted to read these in.

All release dates are the UK release dates, and these sometimes vary from the US publishing dates. This is why some books (like SUPERNOVA by Marissa Meyer) don’t appear even though their US publication date is this year.

1. WE HUNT THE FLAME, by Hafash Faizal

We hunt the flame (2).jpg

UK release date: August 8th

I’m so excited to be able to read this book! It’s been out in the US since May, but for a while it looked like it wouldn’t be available here. However, as it sold so well over there, it’s been acquired here too!

This debut has received an insane level of hype on book twitter. It’s an Arabian fantasy story that’s been described as having lush world building – so you know I want to read it.

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these divided shores

UK release date: September 5th

Considering how much I loved the first book in this duology (THESE REBEL WAVES), it shouldn’t surprise anyone that I really want to read THESE DIVIDED SHORES right now. The ending of THESE REBEL WAVES was such a cliffhanger and I adored the magic system designed around plants. It’s so unique and clever. I can’t wait to return to Grace Loray and discover what happens next.

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3. TUNNEL OF BONES, by Victoria Schwab

UK Release: September 5th

The second book in Schwab’s MG horror series, TUNNEL OF BONES, takes Cassidy and Jacob to Paris, and into the ghost-filled catacombs underneath. When they accidentally awaken a powerful spirit that threatens all of Paris, Cass must stop it before it’s too late. I loved the creepy but adventurous vibe of CITY OF GHOSTS last year (which prompted me to read more MG generally). I’m excited to see where this story goes next.

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4. SPACESIDE, by Micheal Mammay


UK release date: September 5th (Yup – that’s right; three books released on September 5th! I guess we know what I’ll be doing that week.)

PLANETSIDE blew me away last year, a tense military thriller set in space that felt worryingly realistic. The pacing was so fast I devoured it in a matter of hours. I’m ready for the another book in the same vein – and this is a direct sequel that deals with the psychological after effects of book 1.

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5. REBEL, by Marie Lu

Book cover for REBEL by Marie Lu: Blue and purple powder paint exploding through a butterfly made of metal bars.

UK release: October ?

I know this book is being published in the US, but I can’t find out if it’s getting a UK printing. I really hope it does, but it’s not listed on Lu’s UK publisher website at all. Fingers crossed!

I love LEGEND series. It was one of the first YA series I ever read (I even have the original UK paperback because that’s how long ago I read it!). It’s a series in dire need of a re-read, particularly if there’s a new book coming out. I didn’t realise we were getting a sequel until twitter exploded over it on the cover reveal day. Finding out what happens to Day and June? Yes please.

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Book cover for GIRLS OF STORM AND SHADOW: Two girls above the title with lightning crackling around

UK release: November 5th

The second book in Ngan’s GIRLS OF PAPER AND FIRE series, GIRLS OF STORM AND SHADOW see Lei and Wren try to raise support for a rebelling while avoiding bounty hunters as dark magic gathers against them.

This is a book about smashing the patriarchy, but also about sexual assault and healing afterwards.

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7. REALM OF ASH, by Tasha Suri

Cover for REALM OF ASH: A carved spearhead against a blue background

UK release: November 14th

I loved Tasha Suri’s debut, EMPIRE OF SAND so much. It was a quiet adult fantasy with one of the best examples I’ve seen of a strong female character, PLUS it showed how a character could have agency while still being limited in her options.

REALM OF ASH is a companion novel, set after the events of the first book. Following Mahri’s sister, this book promises to be just as lushly written in a fabulous world dripping with mythology.

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8. THE QUEEN OF NOTHING, by Holly Black

queen of nothing.jpg

UK release: November 19th

THE CRUEL PRINCE took the YA world by storm, though I wasn’t convinced about the series until THE WICKED KING. After the ending of that second book, however, I can’t wait for the final book in the Folk of the Air series!

I thought the second book was far better than the first, and I’m excited to see what happens next – and how Holly Black is going to top the twists and shocks of THE WICKED KING!

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children of virtue and vengeance.jpg

UK release: December 3rd

A recent reread of CHILDREN OF BLOOD AND BONE has rekindled my excitement for its sequel, CHILDREN OF VIRTUE AND VENGEANCE.

The world is such fun, with characters that worm their way into your heart (Amari!). The ending was quite a surprise, and sent to stakes rocketting. I’m interested to see what happens to Zelie and Amari next.

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10. THIS VICIOUS CURE, by Emily Suvada

Release date: 31st December

Only just qualifying for this list, the finale to the THIS MORTAL COIL series promises to be an explosive, page-turning end. Considering Suvada has talked about how her writing style is deliberately written around chapter endings to make them so addictive, I can fully see this book keeping me up all night as we follow Cat, Cole and the rest of the gang. They’ll have a fair bit of work cut out for them as they face off against Lachlan and Cartaxus.

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What books are you looking forwards to this next half of the year?

9 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Most Anticipated Releases of the Second Half of 2019

    1. I can’t wait for my pre-orders to start rolling in. I’m so glad WHTF got a UK printing, and I can’t wait to do a Legend marathon


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