Genre: Contemporary Romance
Age Range: YA
Star Rating: 3/5 stars
Series: yes - 1st book


to all the boys i've loved beforeLara Jean writes love letters to the boys she loves in order to end her crush. There are five letters, one for each boy she’s secretly fancied. The letters are for no one but herself, kept in a hatbox – a secret.

Until they’re not.

Somehow the letters got out, someone found out and posted them. Unfortunately one of the boys who received a letter is her sister’s ex-boyfriend – and they’ve only just broken up. The last thing Lara Jean needs is her sister – or her ex – to think she’s making a move on him.

Luckily, one of the other boys who got a letter, Peter Kavinsky, has just been dumped – and he wants to make his ex jealous. So they hatch a plan – pretend to be together. It’s fine, until it becomes more than fake.

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I watched the netflix movie and really enjoyed it – so I thought I’d pick up the book (it helped it was on special). I tend not to read contemporary or romances, but the movie was cute and fun.

I know this is controversial, but I preferred the movie.

The book was a fun distraction, but it took longer than the movie to read for the same level of enjoyment. The story is predictable (a disadvantage of watching the movie first), but a fun, cute ride. It’s light-hearted and it shows family relationships well. I loved the positive role model of Dr Covey, and the way Lara Jean is determined not to betray her sister.

However, Peter irritated me – he was rather ‘jock-ish’ and felt like he was using her to get at Gen (whose confrontation with Lara Jean felt very childish and petty). I couldn’t quite get behind their relationship because of this.

Margot felt very cold. She cares for Kitty, but her resentment bubbled up about it at the end. I really liked Kitty, she was such a fun character – full of energy and life. She was clever and innocent, and caused many  of the funny moments.

I did like the ending however – which was different to the movie’s. It was bold, going against the ending of many romances. I liked that, even if it does set up later books. I’m not sure if I’m going to read the other books.

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