Book Review: TRUTHWITCH by Susan Dennard

Title in white on woman against blue waves
Genre: Fantasy
Age Range: YA
Star Rating: 4/5 stars
Series: Yes - first book

My twentieth review! So I had to pick a good book, and as I’m eagerly awaiting the next instalment, WINDWITCH*, I thought this was the perfect one.

(*Yes, the UK is only just getting a widely available version of B2, while the US is gearing up for B3.)



Safi is a truthwitch, able to discern when someone’s lying to her. Her magic is highly sought after by kings and empresses, so she hides it. Isuelt is a threadwitch, able to see other’s emotions. But she’s a failed threadwitch, and fled from her tribe. But at least she has Safi, and Safi has her.

When the cross a powerful Guildmaster, and his bloodwitch bodyguard, all their dreams of their own house go out the window. Instead, the girls must fight for their survival as the truce that ended a global war comes to its end.

As the world leaders gather to renegotiate the truce, the two find themselves at the very heart of the intrigues surrounding the truce. Unfortunately, not everyone wants to peace to last – and everyone wants to get their hands on a truthwitch.

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This book is a world-builders dream. The world is fully realised, but shown through the characters’ actions and thoughts, not through massive exposition dumps. It’s gorgeously done – it’s not for nothing that they put that Victoria Aveyard quote on the front of BLOODWITCH.

It’s a complex world, which is reflected in the many parties involved in the plot. The story, a web of political intrigue and headstrong characters with clear goals and motivations, pulls you along rapidly. A few items of the plot are predictable (I saw the the Cahr Awen event/revelation coming from the moment it was mentioned), but there are sneaky little details that hit you.

The characters are engaging – lead by two strong female characters. Strong not in the sense that they are kick-ass (thought they are), but that they are nuanced and emotionally complex (it feels like that shouldn’t be something to specify in this day and age, but it is). Personally, Isuelt was my favourite, because she’s the planner. I have yet to understand the craze about Aeduan, but I’ve only read the first book. The romance builds slowly, and is very satisfying to watch it grow.

Really looking forwards to reading WINDWITCH soon!

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