Book Review: THE SHIP BEYOND TIME by Heidi Heilig

Genre: Fantasy
Age Range: YA/Adult
Star Rating: 3/5
Series: yes - second in duology

Read my review of the first book, THE GIRL FROM EVERYWHERE.*

Review contains SPOILERS for the first book.


the ship beyond timeNix is at the helm now, ready to plot her course with Kash at her side. Her father’s decision not to chase after a chance to save her mother – and possibly write Nix out of existence – is heartening, but he still has bad news for her. Her grandmother, a Navigator herself, has foretold that Nix will lose the one she loves to the sea, and break her heart.

When a girl with a bad memory shows up, talking of a mythical island and a man who knows how to change the past, and therefore future – Nix takes the chance. She’s heard of the island – heard different myths about it, but which one is true?

Not long after they arrive, the man who knows how to change time turns up. His arrival changes everything – and everyone, but Nix. Who is he? and why do none of the stories Nix knows matches with reality? But all the stories agree on one point – the island will drown.

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A nice follow on to the previous book, starting off right where the last one ends. Blake was on the grey, and he and Kash had some great interactions. It also gave us a lens to understand what was going on (technically, in terms of Navigating) as Blake needed things explained to him.

Kash and Nix are adorable, carefully stepping around each other as they try to protect each other – and we get Kash’s perspective occasionally (too occasionally!). Also, his existential crisis because he existed in a mythical city that Nix believed in is heartbreaking. It’s a reasonable quandary to have, but the choppy waters it throws up… Heidi Heilig knows what’s she’s doing with your heart.

The time travel in this book was more confusing. The characters were jumping about in their – and each other’s – timelines, which made it harder to work out what was action and what was consequence. Make sure you read with book without any distractions, as it requires your full attention.

*I’m pretty excited for this review as it’s the first time I’m reviewing another book in a series (I don’t really consider the DC icons books a series). It might not seem like much of a milestone, but to me it’s proof that this is a project I’m going for.

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